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Teris district heating system

Waste heat from the Giubiasco refuse incineration plant for the Bellinzona region

TERIS SA has been operating the district heating system for the Bellinzona region, Giubiasco, San Antonino and the Magadino Plain since 2012. When the system is complete, TERIS will supply 60 GWh heat p.a. to communal, cantonal, industrial and private users.
Heat will be distributed via three networks with a total length of 21 km when completed:

  • high-temperature network north, 105°C for the communities of Bellinzona and Giubiasco
  • high-temperature network south, 105°C for the Magadino Plain and the commune of San Antonino
  • low-temperature network south, 65°C for greenhouses on the Magadino Plain