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Building and Industrial Construction

Volks­wagen Extension Car Body Plant, Hall H02a, Kaluga, Russia


Volkswagen Group Rus OOO, Kaluga, Russia

LEI AG Bau, Moscow, Russia

First extension of car body plant in grid area B–E/8–15 with a footprint of approx. 9,220 m2 in 2012/2013. Within grid area C–E/14.5–15, 4-floor head building for operation, administration and miscellaneous. Over total length of plant along grid C on roof, a technical central penthouse is arranged.
Second extension of car body plant in grid area C–E/1–8 with a footprint of approx. 8,064 m2 in 2013/2014 also with extension of technical central penthouse along grid C.
The car body operation units will be hanged up in 2 levels to the roof structures.

Preparing together with the VW project manager the design basis also as agreement between civil/structural engineering and operational engineering by VW.
One-shot detail design for steel and concrete structures including architecture for headbuilding, roofing and facade, stormwater roof drainage including piping to existing collecting pipes. Architecture and engineering design performed based on basic layout, sketches and mutual advices and specifications. Review and reinforcement of already erected piles.
Along free edges of the buildings, structural measures have been foreseen for future extensions without demolishing the facades keeping the operations running under defined air quality conditions.
Design based on Russian standards with Russian material properties, drawings to be performed in German and Russian.




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