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Overall project

The 57 km-long Gotthard Base Tunnel, which forms the centerpiece of the new Gotthard route, is the world's longest rail tunnel. It starts north of Erstfeld in the Reusstal valley and ends between Bodio und Pollegio in the Leventina district of the Canton of Ticino. The tunnel system comprises two single-track tubes without service galleries.

Due to the geological conditions and extremely deep overburden, the tunneling project was a major challenge for the designer, contractor and operator teams. The tunnel was driven through four different geological units, which are cut by numerous faults: Aare Massif (gneisses, granites), Tavetsch Intermediate Massif (micaceous gneisses, phyllites, schists), Gotthard Massif (gneisses), Pennine gneiss zone. Rock temperatures of up to 45°C were encountered. Work on the project ran from 1994 to 2015.


As a member of the Gotthard Base Tunnel North engineering consortium, Gruner Ltd played a key role from 1994 onwards in the design and construction of the Erstfeld and Amsteg tunnel sections. The company designed and supervised works accounting for an investment volume of around CHF 1.3 billion.

Selection of services provided by Gruner Group:

  • Safety-oriented inspection of all tunnel designs for the entire Gotthard route at concept design stage
  • Plans for public display (incl. supervision of building permit procedure)
  • Main designs
  • Tendering designs
  • Production information
  • Site supervision
  • Environmental site supervision
  • Active involvement in AlpTransit Gotthard AG rail systems management team (responsible for track and maintenance concepts)
  • Surveys for Gotthard North and Faido external facilities as member of Geoswiss engineering consortium (setting out, monitoring surveys, deformation measurements)

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