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Lead design, general plan­ning

Professional inter­disciplinary design

As general planner, Gruner can draw on its broad-based expertise and many years of engineering experience to ensure the successful, start-to-finish design and management of your project. We draw on the extensive expertise of our workforce to deliver solutions to even the most complex and specialized challenges. From preliminary consulting to project completion, we act as the central point of contact for everyone involved in the project.

Modernization of Grosse Bühne theater at Goetheanum

Built in 1928, the Goetheanum at Dornach near Basel is the headquarters of the General Anthroposophical Society. The building complex includes the Grosse Bühne theater, which has a 1,100-seat auditorium. Although the theater has undergone various modernizations and alterations during its 90-year-plus history, its basic structure has remained unchanged. 2014 will now see a full-scale overhaul of the stage systems by that Hamburg GmbH. In the role of coordinator, Gruner’s General Planning Division is supervising the implementation of this intriguing project.

“We are delighted by the capable and uncomplicated way that Gruner incorporated a supplementary team of design specialists with all the necessary know-how into the project. Gruner has been able to supply qualified experts from within the Group to meet all the technical and engineering challenges posed by the project.”
Martin Zweifel, Head of Building Administration at Goetheanum


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