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New branch in Fribourg

Stucky Fribourg

Here it is: the Stucky SA branch in Fribourg, Switzerland. On April 1, employees of the Business Unit Infrastructure Western Switzerland started working in a central location near the Fribourg train station.

With the new branch, Stucky SA, a Gruner company, is continuing its development in Western Switzerland in the fields of infrastructure and construction. The aim is to get even closer to our local customers and to strengthen our presence on construction sites and in ongoing projects.

The branch belongs to the Business Unit Infrastructure Western Switzerland and is managed by Julien Genton, contact person of the region. Core competencies include infrastructure, construction and building services, environment, hydropower and energy.

An open day and an aperitif are planned. However, due to the current situation, the celebrations have been postponed until further notice. Nevertheless, our employees will continue to be available to support you in projects.


New Head of Build­ings

A lot of management and industry experience for Gruner: Stephan Gürtler joined Gruner on May 2, 2020, as the new Head of the business area Buildings and successor to Kurt Rau.

After various stations in the construction industry and in executive positions, Stephan Gürtler joined Gruner. Previously, the 59-year-old was CEO of a Basel-Land construction group. In the course of his career, Stephan Gürtler acquired extensive knowledge and experience in managing construction and real estate companies. The multilingual Stephan Gürtler is a production engineer and has a diploma as industrial engineer. As Head of the Building business area, he is a member of the Gruner Executive Committee.

Kurt Rau, who will retire at the end of June 2020, has been part of Gruner for 36 years. He started as a sub-project manager in Basel, managed countless projects in Switzerland and abroad, and took over overall project management for large buildings such as the new exhibition center in Basel. Gruner owes a lot to Kurt Rau. Both as a project manager and as a manager in many positions, he has helped Gruner to develop further.

We welcome Stephan Gürtler and wish him every success in his new position!


Coronavirus: Our measures for prevention and business continuity management

BIM to field auf der Baustelle

Special times require special measures. We follow the instructions of the Federal Council as well, who classified the situation as "extraordinary situation" in accordance with the federal epidemic act due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

We rely on various preventive measures as well as a prepared business continuity management in order to protect our employees in the best possible way and to be able to support our customers with our services even under challenging circumstances. With these precautions, our aim is to contain the further spread of the virus and protect the population.

View here our concrete measures for prevention and business continuity management.

Stay healthy!


New Head of Business Unit Energy German-speaking

Philipp Huwyler

As of Mon, March 2, 2020, Philippe Huwyler will lead Gruner's new "Energy German-speaking Switzerland" Business unit, which was previously headed by Stefan Mützenberg. From our location in Zürich, we will be providing comprehensive advice to our customers in German-speaking Switzerland on all aspects of hydropower, dams and renewable energies. In addition to Gruner's many and varied references, we can also draw on the approximately 95 years of experience and over 100 technical specialists of Stucky Ltd, which has been integrated into Gruner since 2013. 

Your contact person, Philipp Huwyler (Tel. direct: +41 (0)43 299 74 99, e-Mail: philipp[punkt]huwyler [ät] gruner[punkt]ch), is a graduate civil engineer ETHZ and has 25 years of experience in the planning and implementation of hydroelectric power plants, power plant control centres and hydraulic steel structures and has in-depth knowledge of new renewable energy forms and storage facilities.

We look forward to realizing the renewable energy future together with you.




Opening of the new railway line Geneva - Annemasse

On the 15th of December 2019, trains ran via "CEVA" - the new route from the Swiss railway station Geneva-Cornavin via Geneva-Eaux-Vives to Annemasse in France for the first time after eight years of construction. Almost one million residents in Switzerland and France will benefit from CEVA and the associated expansion of the "Léman Express" rail network. Gruner and Stucky employees made a considerable contribution to the success of the project. The CEVA project itself comprised the construction of an 8.8km long, double-track, mostly underground line and the extension of the existing facilities over 7.3km. Five stations were built according to a concept by Atelier Jean Nouvel as well as 2 excavated tunnels and several cut and cover sections. The construction of this facility in the densely urban area with many settlement sensitive buildings and partly through very compressible subsoil layers was extremely demanding.


Stucky's engineering team worked as part of the GECA consortium on this challenging project for 15 years. The GECA consortium led tunnel Champel, which covered the 1 631m section between Val d'Arve and Geneva Eaux-Vives station, including the Champel-Hôpital stop. The Stucky team was involved in all design and construction phases, from the preparation of solution variants to the elaboration of as-built drawings. In addition, the role of the engineers evolved constantly during the project phases: for the Champel-Hôpital station, we worked on the possible construction solutions using numerical modelling and supported preparations for the bidding documents as well as managing and supervising the day-to-day construction.

Gruner’s geotechnical engineering specialists were responsible for the test engineering mandate for the five railway stations, the cut and cover sections and the two excavated tunnels. They verified the design basis and hydrogeology, they also verified the construction method as well as performing the static calculations. In addition, Gruner prepared comparative calculations, including various settlement and deformation forecasts for the supporting structure, the subsoil and the existing structure (using 3D finite element analysis). The underground railway stations of the CEVA project were mostly constructed using the cut and cover construction method. Depending on the geology, the tunnels were excavated partly in a full excavation cross-section with local face protection and partly in partial cross-sections. Thanks to the various anticipatory measures, it was possible to excavate under many sensitive and old buildings without damaging them at all.

For more information:



Radon occurs everywhere in the ground

Mögliche Eintrittsstellen von Radongas ins Gebäude; © Faktor-Verlag

Are you planning a building renovation or new construction project soon? Dr. Eva Bantelmann Eva[punkt]bantelmann [ät] gruner[punkt]ch from Gruner Ltd in Zurich and Jörk Morawietz Joerk[punkt]Morawietz [ät] gruner[punkt]ch  from Gruner Lüem AG in Basel are radon experts whose training is recognized by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

Radon is a natural, radioactive noble gas that can seep into buildings from the ground through cracks and small openings in the building shell. Because it is radioactive, radon can cause lung cancer.
For the construction of new buildings, there are simple preventive measures to avoid radon problems later on. For existing buildings, radon mitigation is possible. The mitigation method used in this must be individually tailored to the building.

Our experts evaluate and measure the radon situation on-site and create customized proposals for the radon mitigation of your building if increased concentrations of radon are found in the living space.

You can find additional information on the website of the FOPH.


Apprentice Project: Christmas Campaign 2019

Weihnachtsaktion 2019 in Says

Instead of customer gifts, Gruner once again supported a social project. 10 apprentices worked for one week in Says, Grisons: They worked on a new cow shed and barn.

The team building across groups strengthens the team spirit within Gruner and the apprentices can benefit from many practical experiences. 

The cooperation was realized with bergversetzer, a joint project of the Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Bergebiete (SAB) and Schweizer Berghilfe. 

You get some impressions in our video. Filmed by our apprentices. 


A masterpiece of engineering

At a height of 99 meters, the Sittertobel Viaduct is the highest railway bridge in Switzerland. It is around 365 metres long and was built from natural stone and steel between 1907 and 1910. The construction of the listed viaduct with the means available at the time is simply a masterpiece of engineering and architecture. The railway bridge that spans the Sittergraben at Gübsensee was last reinforced and repaired almost 40 years ago. Now, the bridge and the nearby Sturzenegg Tunnel are in need of total overhaul.

Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen, has examined the bridge and its condition intensively over a period of 16 years, checked the statics with various re-calculations and implemented some urgent/bridging measures. This 2019 repair project, for which Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen, was commissioned as project author for phases 21 through 33, is the result of these many years of examinations and calculations. In phases 41 to 53, the team from St. Gallen is now providing technical support for SOB's project and site management. The Sturzenegg Tunnel is being repaired by third parties.

Swiss Southeastern Railway (SOB) is investing CHF 19.5 million in renovating the tunnel and viaduct, and the structures are being made fit again for the next forty to sixty years. In the Sturzenegg Tunnel, the tunnel vault is being repaired and the carriageway and catenaries renewed. The tunnel profile is being adapted to enable double-decker trains to pass through the tunnel in future. With the Sittertobel Viaduct, the track system and catenaries are being replaced. Furthermore, the ballast troughs on the approach viaducts are being given a new seal and the ballast thickness increased. The steel structure of the fish-bellied girder will be partially replaced or reinforced, the sleeper beam replaced and the corrosion protection renewed so that the bridge can continue to withstand the high loads.



The team of experts is being challenged not only because of the complex statics, but also because of the tight time schedule for the renovation and the exposed location of the structure. For a period of five weeks (from 6 July to 9 August 2019) the line between Herisau and St. Gallen Haggen will be completely closed. As the bridge is cut off on one side by the simultaneous renovation of the tunnel, a scaffolding tower was erected on pillar IV to provide a further starting point for the work. This can also be used for the remaining work on the fish-bellied girder after railway operations are resumed. The renovation project for the viaduct run until spring 2021 and the tunnel are due to run until autumn 2019.

Work during the total line closure:
- Extending the old track system and partial dismantling of the catenaries
-  Partial renewing the viaduct’s steel structure, localised renewal of corrosion protection, fitting the new sleeper beam
- Renewing the sealing of the ballast troughs on the approach viaducts
- Fitting the new track system
- Assembling the new catenaries
- Repair work in the tunnel (by third parties)

The best thing to watch the video yourself to hear what Sarah Bitterli and Roman Schweizer from Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen have to say about the existing project:



Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen has been working on the following assignments:
- Since 2003: Inspecting the condition of the existing Sittertobel Viaduct
- 2008: Main inspection of the fish-bellied girder (including 1300 nodes/connections)
- Repair in 2019: Pre-project to construction project (including PGV) as project author
- Repair in 2019: Tender design as technical support to SOB
- Repair in 2019: Detailed design/implementation as technical support to SOB


Read more about the project and the historical structures at




From Gruner Group to Gruner

Aus der Gruner Gruppe wird Gruner

Gruner is aligning itself even more closely to our market and customer requirements. As of 1 July 2019, the consulting engineering and planning group will be bundling its forces and streamlining its processes by introducing a new leadership and organizational structure.

Focused and agile Business Units are at the heart of our new leadership and organizational structure, each specializing in providing services in their respective regions. The Business Units are grouped into three business areas according to their client sector – Buildings, Infrastructure and Energy – each of which is headed by a member of the Executive Committee. Under the leadership of CEO Olivier Aebi, Kurt Rau will head up the business area Buildings, Reto Hagger is in charge of Infrastructure, and Stefan Mützenberg is responsible for Energy. CFO on the new Executive Committee is Gérard de Montmollin.


The changes to the leadership and organizational structure will not have any direct impact on the operational business or employees. The contacts for our customers and our projects will remain the same. The legal structure with the parent company Gruner AG and several group companies in Switzerland and abroad is being retained.

The new leadership and organizational structure will provide improved customer focus and closer cooperation within the Group. Our customers will benefit from a concentration of expertise and from the innovative strength of over 1,000 highly qualified staff at more than 30 locations in Switzerland and abroad.

Organigram 1 July 2019






Ground breaking at Grimsel

Baustart an der Grimsel

Construction works started for the new Spitallamm arch dam at the Grimsel lake in Switzerland with a ground breaking ceremony held on June 20th, 2019.

The new 113 m high double curvature arch dam will replace the almost 90-year-old dam upstream of the new site. With this investment, KWO will be able to guarantee the safe exploitation of domestic, renewable energy for the next generations.

Stucky is proud, to provide the modelling and construction design for this challenging project.



Rehabilitation of Inga dams 1 and 2, Congo

Irreversible movements were identified on Inga dams 1 and 2 in the Congo. 

For this project, which is financed by the World Bank, Stucky Ltd tracked down the causes of these irreversible movements. Among other issues, an alkali aggregate reaction was identified. Moreover, the project aimed to improve the quality of the surveillance of the structures by restoring and enhancing the monitoring system of the dams and the hydro plants. The monitoring instruments installed in the 1970s and 1980s were found to be obsolete and in poor condition, so the safety of the dams could no longer be ensured.

Read more about the topic and the improvements in the article entitled "Rehabilitation of the monitoring system of Inga 1 and 2 dams" written by Stucky Ltd's employees Patrice Droz and Alexandre Wohnlich for the "Hydropower & Dams" journal. 


Presentation of hydrological forecasting system

Following its work on the Kariba Rehabilitation Project, Stucky Ltd was invited to attend and present its hydrological forecasting system at the Annual General Meeting of the Engineering Institute of Zambia - a high-profile gathering of 600 Zambian professionals which counted with the presence of the president of the country, Mr. Edgar Lungu.

The meeting was held in Livingstone, right next to the Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The Zambezi River plays a central role in the region, culturally and economically; with 2019 being one of the driest years on record, the importance of reliable inflow forecasting was very present in the attendee's minds.

Find out more about the competences of Stucky Ltd.

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Replacement of bridges in Chexbres

Stucky Ltd was involved last weekend in the 4th night time operation in the town of Chexbres to minimize disruption to the rail services of our client CFF.  Following the replacement of the 3 bridges, Forestay 1, Forestay 2 and the community road (see the video below), Stucky Ltd contributed to the success of the operation which involved works to improve handicapped access to Chexbres train station according to the LHAND law.

See the replacement of the bridges here: 

Find out more about the services available from Stucky Ltd -  we will be happy to advise you.


Business Performance 2018

Olivier Aebi, CEO Gruner Gruppe

For the Gruner Group, 2018 was a year of change and realignment with a positive overall business performance.

At Group level, 2018 saw marked sales growth of 8.1% to CHF 149.7 million. Headcount rose to 1,038 (+4.1%) as a result of the previous year’s positive business performance. More information in the media release and the annual publication 2019.

New CEO at the helm

Olivier Aebi became the new CEO of the Gruner Group on February 1, 2019, since when he has been responsible for the Group’s destiny. A raft of strategic initiatives will equip the Group to operate successfully in a more challenging business environment and to hold its own successfully in a competitive market.

Digital transformation remains important


Digital transformation will remain an important issue for the Gruner Group. The impact of digitalization, particularly the implementation of integrated processes and new forms of communication, will result in greater efficiency, better quality and new channels for customer interaction.




Symposium „Good Hosting von Sportfans”

Sicherheit Keyvisual Web banner

The management of fan behaviour at sport events has been a matter of policy, practice and research throughout Europe.

At this symposium we will present research evaluating the “Good Hosting” concept of the Swiss Football League, conducted by the Research Unit Violence at Sports Events of the Institute of Sport Science, University of Bern.

At the symposium, we will also consider how the project relates to wider international research, policy and practice. Simultaneous translation available in German, French and English.

Among the lecturers is Dr. Stephan Gundel, Security Department of Gruner AG. He will speak on the topic "The Influence of stadiums on fan behaviour".


New CEO of the Gruner Group

Olivier Aebi

Olivier Aebi is taking up his position as CEO of the Gruner Group and Gruner Ltd today. 

Until the end of 2018, 50-year-old Olivier Aebi was CEO of the engineering company IUB Engineering Ltd. in Berne and CEO of the Engineering Group.


Olivier Aebi has had a successful career in the design and construction sector, both in Switzerland and internationally, notably representing the Swiss federal government in Africa and managing a Swiss family business in Asia. He has held various management roles in the areas of M&A, supply chain management and business development.

A speaker of several languages, Aebi holds an MBA and is a graduate of the IMD Business School. Alongside his role as CEO, Aebi is also on the Board of Directors of Tolent PLC, which has its head office in Gateshead, United Kingdom.

Since July 2018, the Gruner Group has been managed on an interim basis by Kurt Rau, Deputy CEO and Chairman of Gruner Generalplanung AG. The Board of Directors thanks Kurt Rau for his great commitment.

We warmly welcome Olivier Aebi to the Gruner Group and wish him every success. 



Christmas campaign with bergversetzer

Weihnachtsaktion der Gruner-Lernenden

Again this year, nine apprentices from the Gruner Group gave an early Christmas present to a farming family, this time a family in Seewis, Canton Graubünden.

The opportunity was used to put theoretical knowledge directly into practice and at the same time to serve a good purpose. The Gruner apprentices carried out various work on site in the stable and in the kitchen under the technical supervision of Urs Dill, Senior Site Manager at Gruner Ltd.

The assignment initiated by the Gruner Group was carried out in cooperation with bergversetzer, a joint project of the Swiss Association for Mountain Areas (SAB) and Swiss Mountain Aid. The Gruner Group supports social projects instead of customer gifts.


Technical Center of " SRF"

Neues Fernsehzentrum von A bis Z mit BIM geplant

In the TV programme "Hallo SRF!" on 31.10.2018, the new technology centre of the SRF at the Leutschenbach site was presented, among other things, as a major step towards digitisation.

Gruner Gruneko AG is responsible for the planning of the heating, ventilation and cooling systems as well as the BIM coordination - we are proud to have participated in this future-oriented building.


We use digital technologies on a daily basis to provide better and more knowledgeable solutions to our clients and the future users of infrastructure and buildings.







Ceremony Gruner Innovation Award 2018

Der Gewinner des Gruner Innovationspreises ist Jonas Dürr

Every year, the Gruner innovation prize is awarded to graduates of the Institute of Civil Engineering at the FHNW. The most innovative Bachelor thesis is awarded.

This year's winner is Jonas Dürr with his thesis "Sustainable Building: Highly thermally insulating Einstein masonry - comparative analysis of a new, aerogel-filled brick". The Innovation Award was handed over at the end of September by Michael Schumacher, Head of Structural Design at Gruner Ltd, at the graduation ceremony.

We congratulate Jonas Dürr and wish him all the best for the future.


The Gruner Group appoints a new CEO

Olivier Aebi, CEO Gruner Gruppe

Olivier Aebi, a 50-year-old civil engineer, has been designated the new CEO of the Gruner Group. Olivier Aebi will take up his new role on 1 February 2019.

Since 2010, Mr. Aebi has held the role of CEO of IUB Engineering AG in Bern as well as chairman of the engineering group’s management board. He replaces Kurt Rau, who has been managing the Gruner Group on an interim basis.

Olivier Aebi has had a successful career in the design and construction sector, both in Switzerland and internationally, notably representing the Swiss federal government in Africa and managing a Swiss family business in Asia. He has held various management roles in the areas of M&A, supply chain management and business development. A speaker of several languages, Aebi holds an MBA and is a graduate of the IMD Business School. Alongside his role as CEO, Aebi is also on the Board of Directors of Tolent PLC, which has its head office in Gateshead, United Kingdom.


New apprentices: a sincere welcome to you all!

Einige der neuen Lernenden der Gruner Gruppe 2018

In August 2018, 19 new colleagues began their training at various Gruner locations.

At the welcome event at the CityGate in Basel, they learned about the key aspects of the Gruner Group, visited a construction site and, last but not least, got to know each other. As anaccredited, experienced training organization we have been successfully training young employees in the civil engineering field for over 60 years.

We are proud to support our 67 current apprentices in their professional development.



High-Frequency Monitoring Results

High-Frequency Monitoring Results of a Piled Raft Foundation under Wind Loading

The 20th "International Research Conference ICSMGE 2018" took place in London at the end of August. Laurent Pitteloud, Civil Engineer (ETH), and Jörg Meier, PhD Engineer, both Gruner Ltd, presented a study on the influence of wind on a high-rise foundation.

Piled raft foundations represent an efficient and reliable technique for transferring high vertical and horizontal loads into the ground. For this reason, such foundations have been successfully used for several high-rise buildings worldwide in the last decades.


Although this type of foundation has been widely used, very little data is available in the literature on the behaviour under wind loading. With this contribution, the authors want to contribute to a better understanding of this aspect of the behaviour of piled raft foundations. For a high-rise building in Switzerland, monitoring data of the first years of the building's existence, including the construction phases, were presented and analysed. Particular attention was paid to the data at times of high wind speeds. Based on the results of these data and their analysis, as well as on the experience of the authors, several recommendations for the design and monitoring of piled raft foundations were developed.


Read the technical article about the results of the High-Frequency Monitoring Results of a Piled Raft Foundation under Wind Loading of a 41-storey office building.


Extension of Rabigh cement plant, Saudi Arabia

ACC Arabian Cement Company has ordered Chinese design-and-build contractor CNBM International Engineering Co., Ltd. for phase I of the new production line 7 at its Rabigh cement plant in Saudi Arabia (clinker production capacity: 10,000 tonnes daily). Under the contract, CNBM is required to engage the services of European engineering companies, which will ensure that the structural design complies fully with Eurocode Standards.

Following the successful partnership between Gruner Ltd, International and CNBM International Engineering Co., Ltd. on the Bishah project in Saudi Arabia, and in light of our extensive track record in construction projects for the cement industry, Gruner Ltd, International has been awarded the contract for the entire structural design. 

Over a period of approximately eight months, Gruner Ltd, International produced more than 1,200 engineering drawings for the civil construction and the steel work, some of which had to be revised several times in light of CNBM International Engineering Co., Ltd's rolling planning.

Since the majority of materials were either sourced or manufactured in China, Gruner Ltd, International's task was also to “translate” the Chinese specification in conformity with Eurocode and present the result to the client representatives. We were obliged to prepare further expert opinions because European requirements on construction were not always complied on the site.

Phase I comprised the crusher for additives, the clinker intake, the clinker storage and off-spec silo, the cement mill feed, two cement mill departments, four cement silos, the packing and loading unit and all the conveyors transports – some of which were very long – between the individual structures and buildings. Phase II is scheduled to start this year and will involve completion into a full kiln line. 

Find out more about Gruner Ltd, International's services – we will be happy to advise you.


Grüntal sports complex, Wittenbach

The extended Grüntal sports complex in Wittenbach delights sporting associations with an enhanced sports offering.

In May 2012, Wittenbach's community meeting voted resoundingly in favor of extending the Grüntal sports complex in a project costing approximately 3.6 million Swiss francs. Alongside a new artificial-turf soccer pitch, this extension includes volleyball pitches, a portable shower building, and a pumped-storage basin for irrigation. The natural-turf pitch of approximately 100m x 100m for soccer and baseball is now being expanded to the west of the existing artificial pitch in Grüntal.

The natural-turf pitch has been equipped with watering, drainage, and floor lighting systems. The floodlight masts were flown in by helicopter last week.

The range of services provided by Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen in Teufen as part of this interesting and demanding project has included planning work on the new construction of the natural-turf pitch and development of innovative features such as watering and drainage systems, plus foundation work for the floodlight masts. Lighting has been a particular focus of the project, ensuring that matches and training can run smoothly even in darkness.

 “Extending the Grüntal sports facility was a great opportunity to showcase our comprehensive expertise in municipal and urban engineering, for example with regard to the loadbearing capacity and stabilization of the subsoil. With our work, we are giving sports enthusiasts in Wittenbach a safe, state-of-the-art sports complex,” says Simon Ton, site manager at Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen.

The Grüntal sports complex is scheduled to open in 2018. 

Find out more about the services available from Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen in Teufen -  we will be happy to advise you.


«BIM to field» in practice

BIM to field in der Praxis

Our construction sites need more and faster information and with every day of construction progress new data accumulates.

The aim of  «BIM to field» is to record this data in a structured manner and to make it available to all parties involved quickly and in high quality. In addition, the Gruner Group primarily uses Autodesk's construction management or «BIM to field» tool. In the medium term, this «BIM to field» data can be synchronized with other data platforms, such as the project management tool.

Mario Gähwiler, site manager at Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen, has been using «BIM to field»intensively for several months. In an interview we ask how this has changed his work and where he sees advantages and disadvantages.


Succesful entry into professional life

Congratulations to our trainees for passing sucessfully their apprenticeship exam and receiving their certificates!

Electrical designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ)
Leo Hüppin, Gruner Gruneko AG
Christian Mathies, Gruner Gruneko AG

Building services designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in heating engineering
Yannick Lüthi, Gruner Roschi AG

Building services designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in ventilation engineering 
Leon Gian Bichsel, Gruner Roschi AG
Martin Koch, Gruner Roschi AG
Dijvar Pekerman, Gruner Gruneko AG

Building services designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in sanitary engineering
Alina Franz, Gruner Gruneko AG
Natascha Zimmermann, Gruner Gruneko AG

Federal VET Diploma in Systems Technology
Marvin Menin, Gruner AG

Commercial Employee, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ)
Tamara Engler, Gruner AG

Draftspersons, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in architecture
Elias Raiser, Gruner AG

Draftspersons, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in structural engineering
Dennis Drexel, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
Jeremy Hügli, Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG
Ismael Kagny, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
Noémie Küng, Gruner AG
Janine Meienberger, Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen
Patrick Raulf, Gruner AG
Roman Schmid, Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen


Aviation Museum, Teufen

A museum devoted to the Swiss Armed Forces' Bücker aircraft amidst an apartment complex comprising six rental units.

An apartment house plus a new-build block intended for commercial use are currently under construction at Alte Speicherstrasse 9a in Teufen. The creation of an aviation museum is planned as part of the complex.

Realization of the Bücker Museum will see a dream of Elisabeth and Albert Zeller come true: it will now be possible to make the lovingly restored aircraft accessible to the public.

The clients – Albert and Elisabeth Zeller and family – and the architect Thomas Zaugg from the Sonderegger & Zaugg AG architectural office in Teufen are deeply impressed by the craftsmanship and technical skills that have gone into the project.

The range of services provided by Gruner Wepf AG as part of this interesting and demanding project in Teufen have included piling work and construction of the load-bearing reinforced-concrete structure.  The transition from reinforced concrete to timber was coordinated with the joinery firm Holzbauer Heierli
In this process, special focus was placed on load transmission from the timber structure to the concrete supports.

"In the planned new-build project, we are able to demonstrate our comprehensive range of services and skills in structural design so that the future occupants of – and visitors to – Speicherstrasse 9a in Teufen can enjoy an environment that is both safe and visually attractive," says Markus Dierauer, head of the Gruner Wepf AG office in Teufen.

Completion of the museum is scheduled for 2019. 

Find out more about the services available from Gruner Wepf AG in Teufen – we will be happy to advise you.


Basel’s Grosspeter Tower with innovative energy concept

78 m hoher Grosspeter Tower in Basel

After four years of construction, the 78-meter-high Grosspeter Tower in Basel was officially opened at the end of June 2018. (Video Grosspeter Tower).

The building facade produces around 275,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year on an area of 6,000 m2 of photovoltaic modules. 

Gruner Gruneko AG was commissioned with the planning of the building and plant engineering. The innovative energy concept is based on the use of geothermal probes for heating and cooling the building. The geothermal probe fields are planned in close cooperation with Gruner engineers from the fields of building services engineering, energy systems, hydrogeology and simulation.

Learn more about the project Grosspeter Tower.


BIM to Field at "Ypsomed Novum" in Burgdorf

Ypsomed a company that specializes in pen needles and injection systems for diabetics, commissioned the construction of a new-build replacement for its tool construction building at its Burgdorf site.

During this construction phase, an office wing is also being added. The construction team have been equipped with tablets and will in future work "live" on-site with the 3D model. This will enable the site supervision team to perform checks and directly assign pending tasks at the Ypsomed Novum construction site in Burgdorf with just a few clicks, thus saving time, effort and costs.

Gruner Roschi AG has integrated all planning functions for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration and sanitation into the 3-D model. 

"The Ypsomed Novum project enables us to master our customers' specific challenges and to keep up with the advances being achieved in the industry with BIM (building information modeling). In doing so, we demonstrate our strengths and abilities", says project manager Andreas Horisberger, head of Building Services at Gruner Roschi AG in Köniz.

Planning work commenced in early/mid-2017 and has now already progressed to the implementation stage. By the end of August 2018 it will be possible to hand over part of the project to the clients so that they can start moving into the new building.

We're looking forward to analyzing our first practical experience with this model!

For further information about Gruner Roschi AG's services, please visit:


Management change at Gruner Group

After more than 30 years with Gruner, of which 18 years as CEO, Flavio is stepping down from the Executive Committee and from his role in the company at his own request. He has had a sustainable and positive influence on the company. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, we would like to thank Flavio sincerely for his valuable contribution to Gruner’s success. We would like to offer him our best wishes for the future.

Kurt Rau, now Deputy CEO, will take over as Chief Executive Officer ad interim from 1st July 2018 until a successor is definitively appointed. The recruitment of a new CEO is in progress. 

If you have any questions in this context, please contact Adrian Kohler, Head of Corporate Communications Gruner Group: phone +41 79 309 56 18, e-mail



Gruner Gruneko AG, Dübendorf, is relocating to Zurich

The 42 employees of Gruner Gruneko AG, Dübendorf, will move to Zurich on 18 June 2018.
The office building at Thurgauerstrasse 56 in Zurich already serves as a base for Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich, Gruner Ltd and Stucky Ltd. 

You will find an overview of our locations here.


Swiss Tunnel Congress 2018, Luzern

STC Swiss Tunnel Congress 2018

STC Swiss Tunnel Congress 2018, KKL Lucerne

Each year, the Swiss Tunnelling Society organizes the Swiss Tunnel Congress at the KKL concert and congress center in Lucerne. The congress has evolved into the leading event for tunneling specialists in Switzerland over the last few years. It originated as a series of conferences held in connection with the AlpTransit tunnel project.

The STC program
Wed, June 13, 2018 – Swiss Tunnel Colloquium
Thur, June 14, 2018 – Swiss Tunnel Congress
Fri, June 15, 2018 – Excursion

Gruner Group representatives will be delighted to inform you in person about our extensive portfolio. If you'd like to see it for yourself, please visit us at stand no. 20 in the "Luzerner Saal" or else find out about our professional expertise on the Gruner Ltd and Stucky Ltd web pagees – we'll be pleased to advise you!

You can find further information on STC 2018 at


Progress at the Bühler innovation campus

Bühler Gruppe Cubic Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen

The Bühler Group, the tradition-steeped food processing technology specialist based in eastern Switzer-land, is constructing a new building for interdisciplinary research and development in Uzwil, canton of St. Gallen. 

The “Bühler Cubic”, in which the company is investing a total of about CHF 50 million, is steadily taking shape. Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen (Branch office Teufen) is responsible for the structural design of the two-floor office building designed by the architectural practice of Carlos Martinez Architekten in Berneck. The most remarkable features of the building are its side cantilever of 7 meters, tensioned over 14 meters, at a height of 9 meters; its built-over trapezoidal sheet-metal ceiling system, which incorporates sound protection and heating/cooling; and its 1.5-meter welded plate girders. Completion is scheduled for early 2019.


New hydropower plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stucky AG EFT Group Ulog

Ein entsprecThe energy specialists at Gruner Group subsidiary Stucky Ltd are providing expertise for the construction of the Ulog hydropower plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A contract to this effect was signed by EFT Group, the project developer, and Stucky Balkans at the end of March. The aim of the project is to con-struct a 53-meter-high arch dam and a 35 MW powerhouse on the River Neretva. After a 42-month con-struction period, the installation – which is located 80 kilometers south of Sarajevo – will supply the region with electricity. Stucky Balkans is supporting EFT in the review and approval of the design-and-build con-tractor’s building plans, quality control for facility construction as well as supervision of construction, installation, start-up and trial operation. 


Augmented reality technologies in everyday con­struc­tion

Augmented Reality Technologien im Baualltag

Augmented reality (AR) technologies are gaining ground and arouse great interest in the construction industry. The field of application of these technologies is particularly versatile in planning and execution - starting with the visualization of the first draft of a construction project for a customer up to the target-performance comparison of the executed planning on the construction site. 

The Gruner Group's BIM team procured and tested a HoloLens. Read about their experiences with Augmented Reality technologies in everyday construction work in the blog by Luca Montagna, Gruner Ltd. 


Groundbreaking ceremony for office complex in Karlsruhe

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony took place for a new office complex behind Karlsruhe Central Station, where various technology companies and service providers in the IT sector, among others, are to be based.

After the groundbreaking ceremony performed by Frank Mentrup, Mayor of the city of Karlsruhe, and Rainer Dommermuth, Managing Director of S.K.E.T. Gesellschaft für Immobilienmanagement mbH, work began on the first construction phase. In this construction phase, two high-rise buildings with an approximate height of 46 meters and length of 115 meters will be erected in the station forecourt. According to the Mayor, this construction phase represents the first step in the development of this previously unused prime area.


On an area of 15,000 m², roughly 55,000 m² of net space will be created in the two buildings for approximately 1,500 new office workplaces. The investment volume amounts to 142 million euros and the use of the two office complexes is scheduled to commence in 2020. 

Gruner GmbH, Köln is supporting this exciting project in the field of fire protection and was able to contribute to the approval in a record time of the fire protection concept as part of the building application thanks to, among other things, the excellent cooperation with the city's construction supervision and fire department. 

Gruner GmbH, Köln will also continue to supervise the further implementation planning, the lead preparation of the fire control matrix and offer its support during construction on behalf of the general contractor Diringer & Scheidel, so that the course is set for completion on schedule. 

Gruner GmbH, Köln is pleased to be able to offer its continuing support to this demanding construction project.



Fire prevention planning Stücki Park

Brandschutzplanung Stücki Park (Liegenschaft Hochbergerstrasse 70)

Stücki Park - the destination for innovation, experience, health and shopping, is being built in the north of Basel. Construction has already commenced on new additional laboratory and office space (Hochberger-strasse 60). Now the transformation of the range of services offered at Hochbergerstrasse 70 (former shopping center) is also underway. The Stücki Park will remain open and attractive during the rebuilding phase. More information can be found at

Gruner AG will support this ambitious transformation project with a mandate covering all aspects of fire protection. Our specialists cover the entire fire protection spectrum including complex verification based on engineering methods - both in planning and execution.


Federico Ferranti is new branch manager of Stucky Asia

Federico Ferranti Niederlassungsleiter Stucky Asia

Dr. Ferranti Federico is the new branch manager of Stucky Asia. He is also in charge of the Business Development and the follow up of Stucky projects in SEA. Stucky Asia, founded in 2014, is a representation office of Stucky Ltd located in Bangkok (Thailand). 

Dr. Ferranti has gained sound experience in developing and managing dam projects and hydropower projects worldwide (with a total installed capacity of 15’000 MW). His qualifications include master degree, Ph.D. in Civil and Hydraulic Engineering and the PMP certification from the Project Management Institute.

Stucky Asia supports Stucky Ltd and the Gruner Group in Southeast Asia for the business devel-opment and ongoing projects in its core competencies in dams, hydropower plants, hydraulic en-gineering and energy.


Noise control certificate for a new helicopter landing pad

Berechnung Lärmschutz für Kantonsspital Uri

The specialists of Gruner Ltd have already been asked several times to produce a noise control certificate for a new helicopter landing pad (helipad).

In the Cantonal Hospital in Uri, a part of the existing hospital tract, including the current helipad, will be razed. The Gruner Ltd Department for Building Structural and Acoustics was commissioned to produce a noise control certificate. This certification is of an informative nature for the authorities. In accordance with the noise control ordinance, there are no statutory evaluation criteria that apply to helicopter landing pads used for emergencies.


Gruner Fire safety new in Munich

Gruner Brandschutz Standort München

The Gruner Group is now represented in Munich. Gruner's new offices in the Bavarian state capital Munich are Gruner's response to the increasing demand for fire protection services in the region around Munich. The range of services extends from fire protection consulting, fire protection concepts, fire protection plans, evacuation simulations to structural fire design. "The new location will enable us to meet the individual challenges of our customers on site," explains Managing Director Carsten Willmann, responsible for fire protection at the Gruner Group in southern Germany.

Other Gruner Group offices and branches in Germany are located in Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Leipzig.

Find out more about fire safety.



STUVA-Expo 2017

STUVA 17 Webnews

The international trade fair for tunnels and infrastructure or the "family get-together of tunnellers" will take place this year at "Messe Stuttgart".

Under the motto
"TUNNELBAU MIT KÖPF (CH)EN", Gruner Ltd is represented by the under­ground engi­neer­ing and fire protection department.
Come and meet our experts from tunnel construction, infrastructure construction and fire protection:

6-7 December 2017 · Messe Stuttgart · hall 4 at booth B133

We look forward to seeing you.


Successful completion of CAS in Digital Construction

Three Gruner Group employees have successfully completed their Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in "Digital Potentials and Strategies" at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland in Brugg-Windisch. 

Architect Johannes Kretzschmar, Dipl. Ing TU Architektur, and civil engineer Michael Schumacher, Dipl. Bauing FH, (both from Gruner Ltd) as well as civil engineer Stefan Nievergelt, Dipl. Bauingenieur ETHZ from Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich, completed their dissertation on the subject of "planner workflow in the design phase: new virtual design and construction (VDC) communication processes for the SIA planning phases" and successfully defended it before a specialist body. 

Their presentation addressed the following topics in particular: 

  • model-based working
  • architects' and civil engineers' methods of working
  • workflow for model-based planning processes
  • workflows for addressing the building structure and calculation models
  • programs and interfaces 
  • classical, contemporary and future working methods for civil engineers.

We would like to congratulate the employees on their CAS qualification and are delighted to continue expanding our VDC-BIM competencies in the Gruner Group and to be able to offer certified skills in digital construction. 



Gruner Group Christmas campaign

Lernendenprojekt Gruner Gruppe als Weihnachtsaktion

As part of Gruner Group's social commitment, apprentices provided assistance for a farming family in Linthal (Canton of Glarus), helping them with numerous tasks around the farm. As well as being able to make energetic use of their specialist expertise, the apprentices also had a chance to learn something new. The work went a long way to realizing the farming family's plan to erect a new farm building. "To master challenges of this kind and move ahead, people everywhere need to take responsibility and roll their sleeves up. A good example of that is our apprentice project. I am proud that this has enabled us to deliver a little progress where it is needed," says Gruner Group CEO Flavio Casanova. 

The job was a collaborative project realized with “bergversetzer”, a joint venture of the Swiss Working Group for Mountain Regions (SAB) and the “Schweizer Berghilfe” (Swiss Mountain Aid) project.


A milestone in Lausanne

Stucky Ltd. Lausanne CFF cable tunnel

A milestone was reached on one of Stucky Ltd projects in Lausanne. After approximately 4 months of excavation of the CFF cable tunnel, the tunnel boring machine pierced the wall of the arrival shaft at noon on the 2nd of October 2017  and thus finished its mission underneath Lausanne’s Train station. It is a tunnel, 3 metres in diameter and 620 m long, and will make a nice project reference for Stucky.

The Project Manager Dr Azad Koliji would like to thank all who participated to make the project such a success.

For more information and photos please see the local news of 24Heures and RTS.


Swiss BIM Congress 2017

The design and construction sector is undergoing a revolution in which digital systems and methods are superseding established structures and working methods. On October 26–27, 2017, "Bauen digital Schweiz” ("Building Digital Switzerland”) is staging this year's Swiss BIM Congress.

At this congress, decision-makers from industry and politics will be discussing the framework conditions required for digital change.

In the BIM camp, the focus will be on “BIM as an applied method.” Experienced professionals will present projects illustrating how they now work in a “digital” way. Topics presented include cooperation, the oppor-tunities inherent in the new working method, and the challenges of practical application.


Stucky Ltd at Hydro 2017 conference in Sevilla, Spain

Stucky Ltd will be present at Hydro 2017 conference in Seville, Spain from the 9th to the 11th of October.  More than 700 international delegates and exhibitors are expected to attend this important conference on the exploitation of water resourceds and hydropower in Spain.

We cordially invite you to come meet our representatives at stand no 42.

For more information about current projects of Stucky Ltd. click here.


CISBAT 2017 International conference

CISBAT 2017 took place from 6 to 8 September 2017 at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland under the topic "Future Buildings and Districts - Energy Efficiency from Nano to Urban Scale". 

Elia Colombo, Gruner AG departement engineering methods as well as Moritz Zwahlen, Manuel Frey und Johann Loux, Gruner Roschi AG departement building environmentl control had the chance to present their article about "Design of a glazed double-façade by means of coupled CFD and building performance simlation" as a Poster.

Read the technical paper on ScienceDirect


Succesful entry into professional life

Congratulations to our trainees for passing sucessfully their apprenticeship exam and receiving their certificates!

Building services designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in heating engineering
Benjamin Kübler, Gruner Gruneko AG

Building services designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in ventilation engineering 
Raksana Apputhurai, Gruner Roschi AG

Building services designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in sanitary engineering
Dénes Kövi, Gruner Gruneko AG
Dilan Özgen, Gruner Roschi AG

Commercial Employee, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ)
Nicola Staudt, Gruner AG

Draftspersons, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in architecture
Hendrik Kock, Gruner AG

Draftspersons, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in structural engineering
Lavdim Ahmeti, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
Armand Bozhdaraj, Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen
Lukas Broder, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
Lea-Annina Dietschi, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
Annika Ernst, Gruner AG
Mirza Lasic, Gruner AG
Florian Meier, Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen
Kuno Schneeberger, Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen
Maurice Sifrig, Gruner Böhringer AG
Ruben Speck, Gruner AG
Alexander Ziswiler, Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG


New Inwilerstrasse overpass

The Zug – Baar bypass (TZB) will give the higher-lying municipalities in Canton Zug direct access to the motorway. To allow the new road to be crossed by pedestrians and cyclists, one measure that has been brought forward involves the construction of the new Inwilerstrasse overpass. A two-bay, 66-meter-long, slender steel structure will be constructed on the greenfield site. The bridge will be prefabricated and transported to the construction site in three parts, where it will be welded together.

In this project, Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG has formulated the main design, the plans for public display, the tendering procedure and the detailed design. Planning took place in the engineering consortium together with Emch + Berger WSB AG and Pöyry Schweiz AG.


Staff-related changes at Gruner Group

Gérard de Montmollin, neuer CFO der Gruner Gruppe

Basel-based Gruner Group has filled a key position and thus strengthened its Group Management. The new CFO will be Gérard de Montmollin, a French-speaking Swiss national.

The engineering and design company’s new Chief Financial Officer, Gérard de Montmollin, will join Group Management in October. He previously worked at the subsidiary Stucky SA, where he was CFO and re-sponsible for HR, IT and controlling as of 2009. The 42-year-old has a degree in engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and an MBA in business administration from the Uni-versity of Lausanne. Gérard de Montmollin will take over from Adrian Keller at Gruner Group, who was recently appointed the new CEO at the Basel-based architectural practice of Herzog & de Meuron.

The Board of Directors of Gruner Group also confirmed Arthur P. Moser as the head of the Building Ser-vices division – a position he had held on an interim basis to date – and a member of Group Management.  Arthur P. Moser has worked for the group's building services subsidiary, Gruner Gruneko AG, since 1987 and is its managing director. He holds a degree in engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne and a Master's degree in building management.



Champel Tunnel cutting

Durchstich Champel Tunnel in Genf

On the 8th of June 2017, the Champel Tunnel, 1.6 km long, was cut through. After four years of construction this was celebrated in the presence of the miners.

Stucky’s tunnel engineering team is in charge of the challenging Champel section of the tunnel, which runs from the River Arve to the Eaux-Vives railway station passing below the most densely populated part of Geneva. 

Read more about this project.



Project Manager Video Portrait

Michael Aggeler_Abteilungsleiter Wasserbau_Gruner Böhringer AG

What kinds of projects do Gruner Group employees supervise? In this video, find out firsthand how flood protection was enhanced in the Möhlintal.

Michael Aggeler, Head of Hydropower and Energy at Gruner Böhringer AG, takes you to the Möhlintal Flood Control Reservoirs project.

Attractive positions with exciting projects for qualified professionals. Apply for a vacancy or send us a spontaneous application. We look forward to hearing from you.


Rehabilitation of hydropower plants and dams in Marocco

Wasserkraft Marokko_ONEE_PPUI

The Electricity department (BE) of Morocco’s National Office for Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) was recently awarded a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to fund a project aimed at the rehabilitation of hydropower plants and dams. Stucky Ltd was commissioned to act as the project preparation and implementation unit (PPUI). Its objective is to provide technical and organizational assistance to the Electricity department of the ONEE and to ensure the smooth implementation of the project in accordance with the project implementation plan (PIP) and the requirements of the EBRD.

This commission concerns around fifteen smaller developments of between 28 kW and 24 MW, and global costs are estimated at EUR 40 million. 


Maintenance planning N02 Reiden - Sursee

EP N02 Reiden - Sursee: Ausführungsplanung und Realisierung der Instandsetzung des Autobahnabschnitts

The highway section of the N02 runs between Reiden and Sursee in the "Uffiker Moos" over ground that is prone to subsidence. When doing repairs, future subsidence must therefore be assimilated to the natural subsidence trajectory as much as possible. Measures for a 15-year extended period of use, which take this criterion into account as best as possible while maintaining economic efficiency and minimum use restrictions, are to be planned.

The trade union KoBeGru, which consists of the companies Kost + Partner AG, Sursee, Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG, Zug as well as Gruner AG, Basel, was commissioned with the planning and implementation of the repair of this highway section.


Lecture with Virtual Reality

In May, Gruner Gruneko AG conducted a colloquium on high-tech energy organisms at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Germany). The lecture also included a virtual reality tour in the BIM model with the help of VR glasses. Using the innovative building technology in the Grosspeter Tower, Basel, as an example, an energy organism with optimally coordinated systems, such as geothermal utilization based on heat pumps and a photovoltaic façade, was shown.

Get a first-hand impression and immerse yourself in the virtual reality of the HVAC planning.


Project Manager Video Portrait

Marc Haberthür_Senior Projektleiter HLKS_Gruner Roschi AG

What kinds of projects do Gruner Group employees supervise? In this video, find out firsthand how a building from the 17th century was completely renovated (German).

Marc Haberthür, Senior Project Manager of HVAC at Gruner Roschi AG, takes you to the Crown Hotel project in Solothurn. The Hotel La Couronne is located in the old town and was reopen on 2 May 2017 after extensive renovation.

Attractive positions with exciting projects for qualified professionals. Apply for a vacancy or send us a spontaneous application. We look forward to hearing from you.


Protective Measure Groundwater Capture Drälikon, Hünenberg

Schutzmassnahme Grundwasserfassung Drälikon, Hünenberg

In the municipality of Hünenberg in the canton of Zug, an extremely efficient filtering well is used to supply drinking water in the Drälikerboden area. The existing cantonal road runs along this groundwater capture in groundwater protection zones S2 and S3. The infiltration of polluted surface runoff from the road is not permitted in groundwater protection zones. Therefore, various measures to protect the groundwater and treat the road runoff were evaluated. A sealed trough/ditch system in the grassy median between the road and the bike path/sidewalk was determined to be the best alternative.

The new drainage system requires 515 m of perforated and 600 m of collection pipelines. As part of the main works, the existing Riedhofbach culvert will be replaced with a new structure, and a total of 1,100 m of drinking water pipelines will be renovated.

The services provided by Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG include the already completed alternatives study, the construction project and the construction permission design as well as the upcoming final planning with site supervision.


Expert Meeting on Fire Safety 2017

On 6 April, Gruner GmbH, Stuttgart held its second expert meeting on fire safety (Brandschutzfachtag). The day of the event, we had the pleasure of welcoming over 50 participants from nearby building authorities and various industries.

In addition to numerous innovations in fire safety and current topics related to thermal insulation systems, exhaust air systems and proof of usability, a fire test of cable bandages and insulations was also on the agenda. After the presentations, many technical discussions took place and further questions were clarified.

Before, between and after the presentations, attendees took advantage of the opportunity to meet both the Gruner team and the speakers personally and engage in conversations about fire safety.

Many thanks to all speakers and participants. We look forward to the Brandschutzfachtag 2018.


Get to know our employees

Karn Rungsawang, Gebäudetechnikplaner Sanitär, Gruner Roschi AG

«A Familiar Workplace»

«Last year, I successfully completed my Building Services Designer Sanitation apprenticeship as part of my highly specialized training at the Gruner Group. The positive work environment is supported not only by cordial working relationships but also by joint activities outside of work. This gives me the opportunity to get to know my colleagues from a different perspective. At the same time, it makes my work environment friendly and familiar.»

Karn Rungsawang, Building Services Designer Sanitation, Gruner Roschi AG

Attractive vacancies for qualified employees. Apply for the published vacancies or send us your spontaneous application. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Technical Article: Room Acoustics at Low Frequencies

Markus Ringger and Thomas Herzog (both from Gruner AG’s Structural and Room Acoustics Department) called on their comprehensive knowledge to write a technical article on room acoustics at low frequencies (German).

Usually, fiber absorbers are used to reduce the reverberation time in rooms. These must be the correct thickness and be installed at the correct distance from the ceiling or wall. However, narrow spatial conditions sometimes do not allow for this. In this case, other materials, such as stud walls, plasterboard, membrane absorbers or composite resonators, are required.

The article was published in Applica, the trade journal for the painting and plaster trades, in March 2017.


IWB: Fly Ash Scrubber Refuse Incineration Plant Basel

IWB: UVB Flugaschenwäsche KVA Basel

As of 01.01.2021, the new Ordinance on the Prevention and Disposal of Waste (VVEA) stipulates the obligation to recover metals from refuse incineration fly ash. Because of these new legal requirements, Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB) is planning to build its own fly ash scrubber for its Basel refuse incineration plant (RIP).

An environmental impact assessment is obligatory for this installation. Gruner AG’s Environment Division has been commissioned to devise the environmental impact report (EIR) required for this purpose.


Bridge Reinforcement and Renovation for MOB

Stucky AG has been contracted to provide site supervision for the reinforcement and renovation of three existing bridges within the Montreux–Oberland Bernois (MOB) railway network. The contract according to SIA phases 31 - 53 also includes static verification.

The three bridges are located on the MOB line between Montreux and Château d'Oex (Vaud) and were built in 1904. The Pont du Châble and Pont du Botzet are natural stone arch bridges; the Pont du Jor is a steel bridge.


Safety for Assembly Areas and Events

Sicherheit Versammlungsstaetten Veranstaltungen_Gundel

The Gruner Group possesses a wide range of competencies and experiences in event safety. Based on this, Dr. Stephan Gundel, Chief Expert of Safety at the Gruner Group, has released the new handbook "Sicherheit für Versammlungsstätten und Veranstaltungen" (English: Safety for Meeting Places and Events). It was published on 16 March 2017 by the Stuttgart-based publisher Boorberg-Verlag.

A total of 18 experts from prestigious institutions have incorporated their knowledge and professional experience into the work and make it possible to gain insights into the basic contexts and developments of event safety from different perspectives. The contribution on fire safety at events and in meeting places was written by Christoph Vahlhaus, Branch Manager of Gruner GmbH, Köln.


New Construction Mountain Dairy, Diemtigen

HLKS, Bergkäserei, Diemtigen

The association Naturparkkäserei Diemtigtal intends to sponsor the new construction of a contemporary, integrated and publicly accessible production plant (mountain dairy) in the municipality of Diemtigen.

Gruner Roschi AG has been commissioned to provide HVAC specialist planning, incl. technical coordination. The goal is to plan and implement a modern and economical as well as future-oriented solution for the new mountain dairy.


Conversion and Extension Ypsomed Novum Burgdorf

Ypsomed Novum Burgdorf

Ypsomed’s headquarters are being converted and extended. Existing production areas in the basement and on the ground floor (sawtooth structure) are being demolished and replaced with newly built extensions. Because of the demolition, the laboratories in the existing west wing must be relocated and building services must be adapted and supplemented accordingly. As part of the "Ypsomed Novum Burgdorf" project, the office space will also be expanded.

Gruner Roschi AG is responsible for HVAC specialist planning, incl. technical coordination.


New LED Lights for SBB

SBB LED Rollout

The lighting fixtures of railway stations and track fields in Switzerland are currently equipped with a variety of light sources. Some of these have been in operation for over 35 years and have reached the end of their life cycle.

In total, Swiss Federal Railways SBB has to replace around 27,000 of the existing fixtures in the coming years. SBB has decided to introduce LED lights SBB-wide as the standard for high-rise exterior lighting.

According to pilot testing carried out by SBB, LED modules are most suitable. They meet the lighting requirements for the track fields and have a long service life. In addition, energy savings of approx. 20% can be achieved.

Gruner AG’s Infrastructure Division and Gruner Kiwi AG are aiding SBB in the overall coordination (client support) of the project rollout throughout SBB’s railway network in Switzerland – an endeavor that is estimated to cost CHF 300 million.


Renovation and New Construction Centre Albert Anker, Ins

Centre Albert Anker_HLKS

The Albert Anker House and the village Ins are inseparable from the painter Albert Anker (1831-1910) and his life’s work. Today, the Albert Anker House Foundation Ins can draw from a rich collection of art history and cultural pieces. Many works require optimum storage and conservation. Currently, these requirements can only be met to a limited extent, and there is a need for action.

Solution approaches for three project areas were defined through a feasibility study:
1. Construction of an exhibition space in the northern part of the garden for the safe storage of Albert Anker’s artistic works and personal objects. The new building is designed for proper storage, archiving, conservation and presentation.
2. Expansion of the staff apartment in the Albert Anker House for the future managers of the centre.
3. Addition of a reception area in the threshing bay of the Albert Anker House to greet and inform guests.

As part of the renovation and new construction of the Centre Albert Anker, Gruner Roschi AG is responsible for HVAC specialist planning, incl. technical coordination.


HES-SO forum 2017 in Montreux

Forum HES-SO

On March 8th, 2017 Stucky SA was present the HES-SO forum in Montreux. Our engineers met lots of young and future graduates who were looking for internships and junior positions. Around 50 students registered for an opportunity and one hundred requested more information about our company.


Apprentices Take the Floor

Lernende Zeichnerin EFZ

«The positive working atmosphere means that working with others is fun. My goal is to pass my final ap-prenticeship exam with a good grade.»

Merjem Sljivar, Draftsperson, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in structural engineering, Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen

Vocational training with prospects. Apply for one of our open positions. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Successful FeuerTRUTZ 2017 for Gruner


An interested specialist audience, well-attended trade fair booths and exciting lectures: On 22 and 23 February, the FeuerTRUTZ trade fair with accompanying congress once again demonstrated its importance to fire safety in Europe. For this reason, the Gruner Group (Fire Safety Division) was represented among the 275 exhibitors with its own booth.                                                                    

The motto of Gruner’s trade fair exhibition was “FIRE SAFETY THAT CONVINCES”. Builders, building operators and fire safety officers took the opportunity to inform themselves about the comprehensive portfolio in a personal conversation. For more information about our competencies, please visit our website.


In addition, the Gruner Group was able to present itself as an outstanding employer and introduce the prospect of an exciting position to experienced professionals as well as ambitious trainees and career starters.

“The tremendous response shows us that we hit a nerve of our times with our trade fair booth. We’ll be back next year!”, says Jörg Kasburg, Head of the Fire Safety Division. We would like to thank all visitors for the very interesting discussions and look forward to welcoming you at the next FeuerTRUTZ on 21 and 22 February 2018 at the NürnbergMesse exhibition center.



Specialist Lecture Geotechnics

Geotechnik_Dynamischer Pfahlversuch

The topic of the Burgdorfer Geotechniktag 2017 revolved around observation methods and monitoring in geotechnics.

At the expert meeting, Laurent Pitteloud and Jörg Meier from Gruner AG’s Geotechnics Department presented a lecture on static and dynamic tests on bored piles in the Molasse Basin area of Basel. Here you can read the presentation with examples from Roche Building 1 and 2 (German, 4,723 KByte).


Bottleneck Removal St. Gallen

Verkehrsingenieurmandat St. Gallen

Gruner AG’s Traffic Planning and Engineering Department has been awarded the traffic engineering mandate for the further planning of project "N01/54 Rosenberg, 33. Röhre/PUN und Spange". In addition to a third highway tunnel, the project includes additional emergency stopping lane uses and an access road (a so-called "Spange") from the city of St. Gallen and possibly from the area of Appenzell. Among other things, the mandate includes the preparation of the numbers for the traffic model as well as all necessary traffic engineering works.


Refurbishment of the Waldenburg Railway

Erneuerung der Waldenburgerbahn

The Waldenburg Railway runs approx. 13 km between the Liestal and Waldenburg railway stations. The entire infrastructure of tracks and railway stations is to be renewed in the years 2019 to 2022. In addition, the route will be expanded from 75 cm to a track gauge of one meter.

The Gruner Group is providing comprehensive services for this project through Gruner AG’s Infrastructure and Environment divisions as well as through Gruner Böhringer AG. Find out more about the project and the exact services provided in the reference for the Waldenburg Railway.


Extensive Research Results Published

With his comprehensive professional knowledge, Jörg Meier, Senior Project Manager at Gruner’s Geotechnics Department, contributed to the publication of another specialist book.

In the 290-page book, Michael Moser presents extensive research results about deep-seated and large-scale slope deformation in collaboration with Florian Ammann, Jörg Meier and Stefan Weidner. In doing so, the authors evaluate the environmental effects, physical manifestation and kinematics of various deep-seated slope deformations and combine these aspects into an overall geotechnical assessment.

The book "Tiefgreifende Hangdeformationen der Alpen: Erscheinungsformen – Kinematik – Massnahmen" (English: Deep-Seated Slope Deformations of the Alps: Physical Manifestations – Kinematics – Measures) was published on 24 January 2017.


Apprentices Take the Floor

Lernender Julian Hall

«The Gruner Group offers varied and exciting apprenticeship training.»

Julian Hall, Management assistant, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ), specializing in services and administration, Gruner AG

Vocational training with prospects. Apply for one of our open positions. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Double-Track Herd Tunnel, Zermatt

The project Double-Track Herd Tunnel (Doppelspur Herdtunnel) is strategically important for the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway. It is the main project out of a total of three projects being undertaken by the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway in the vicinity of the Zermatt railway station. The new double-track line of approximately 405 meters leads from the Lüegelwang gallery to the Schafgraben gallery. The project includes the construction of the double-track Herd Tunnel with a cut-and-cover tunnel at both portals and a mining area. The double-track Herd Tunnel has a total length of 103 meters. In addition, refurbishment of the open line sections between Lüegelwang and the Herd Tunnel (approx. 160 meters) and between the Herd Tunnel and Schafgraben (approx. 140 meters) is planned.

The new Herd Tunnel crosses under the Zermatt heliport and over the wastewater treatment plant tunnel with little cover. It is being equipped with a traditional ballast bed, a conventional overhead line and the latest signaling control technology. The existing track system (existing Herd Tunnel) connects to the new double track and can be used as a storage track and siding for the future expansion of the Zermatt railway station.

Gruner AG is supporting the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway through overall external project management and senior construction management in the areas Construction and Electrical for the SIA phases 41-53.


BIM Is Changing the Industry

Infra-Tagung 2017 Reto Hagger

Building information modeling (BIM) is already permanently changing the industry today. Where do Swiss infrastructure developers stand?

At this year’s Infra Suisse Conference 2017, Reto Hagger, a member of the Gruner Group’s Executive Board, talked about BIM in Swiss infrastructure development. He also addressed a variety of other topics: from the "Internet of things" and the worldwide data volume to recreational sports and big business in 150 years.

Read the presentation "Building Infrastructure Without Digitalization Is Like Playing Hockey Without a Stick" (German).


Rehabilitation of the Nurek Hydropower Plant in Tajikistan

Barki Tojik, the national power company of Tajikistan, has mandated Stucky Ltd to manage the engineering of the Nurek hydropower plant rehabilitation. The Nurek hydropower plant was commissioned between 1972 and 1979. The Project, built on the Vakhsh river consists of a 305 m high embankment dam (the tallest embankment dam in the world), a powerhouse containing 2 x 340 MW and 7 x 330 MW Francis turbine units under a 230 m rated head with a maximum total discharge 1'360 m3/s, and two substations supplying power to the 220 kV and 500 kV electric grids.

The planned rehabilitation includes the replacement of generating equipment, the refurbishment of hydromechanical equipment and the improvement of dam safety.


TURVA-2020 Research Program

Forschungsprogramm TURVA-2020

The Finnish disposal organization Posiva Oy is constructing a deep geological repository for spent fuel elements on Olkiluoto Island in Finland. For this purpose, long-term safety assessments (safety assessments for the time period following the sealing of the final disposal facility) are being carried out.

Gruner AG’s Environment Division is supporting the TURVA-2020 research program as a subcontractor commissioned by the Institute of Geological Sciences of the University of Bern.

In particular, this concerns the geochemical modeling of porewaters in the bentonite buffer and the tunnel backfill, the determination of solubilities and migration parameters of radionuclides as well as their sorption behavior in the bentonite and the tunnel backfill. The performed services therefore provide a basis for the modeling and assessment of the long-term safety of the final disposal facility.

For more information on the overarching safety assessment, please visit Posiva Oy's website



Fernwärme Forum 2017

On 26 January 2017, the 16th Fernwärme-Forum, which is organized by the Fernwärme Schweiz (VFS) association, will be held at the Kongresshaus in Biel. The conference topic is “Investors and Investments”.

The Gruner Group will contribute to the Fernwärme-Forum through the participation of Gruner Gruneko AG. We look forward to seeing you at our information booth.


Comprehensive Project Proposal New Criminal Investigation Building Municipal Police Mühleweg, Zurich

Gesamtleistungsstudie Neubau Kriminalabteilung Stadtpolizei Mühleweg, Zürich

The request for a comprehensive project proposal for the construction of a new criminal investigation building for the municipal police on the Mühleweg was issued by the Office of Planning and Architecture of the City of Zurich. The selection process was single-stage and not anonymous. The aim of the competition was to select the best project, including a binding price estimate and move-in date as well as a comprehensive expert team for the planning and execution of the new construction project.

A new building that will equip the municipal police for the challenges of the future by allowing for a concentration of the municipal police’s criminal investigation forces is to be built on the approximately 4,500 m2 parcel.

Out of the five submitted proposals, the project by Penzel Valier AG, Zurich (architecture), Erne AG (construction) and Frick (general contractor/overall management) with Gruner Gruneko AG (HVAC planning) was selected as the winner.


New Construction Project Ribetschi Park, Immensee

Neubauprojekt Ribetschi Park, Immensee

Ribetschi Park is being built above the village of Immensee on Lake Zug. The new construction project is being implemented by Varem Development AG with Haberstroh Architekten, Basel, and Studiozurich, Zur-ich.

Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG is responsible for the supporting structures, foundations and excavations of three terraced houses, four villas, eight multi-family houses and a parking garage. The start of construction is planned for summer 2017.



Award for Use of the BIM Method

Felix Platter Spital, Basel BIM

For the second time now, the "Felix Platter Hospital" project received an award for use of the BIM method. The award was granted in the category “Processes & Organization”. The award ceremony of the BIM Cluster Stuttgart took place at the Frauenhofer Institute in Stuttgart.

The Gruner Group's Structural Planning Department was involved in the application of the BIM method in this project.

We would like to congratulate all those who were part of the project on this renewed honor.   



Apprentices Take the Floor

Gruner Gruppe Lernende

«I learn as part of a large, friendly team and am looking forward to taking on some practical tasks. Once I’ve finished the apprenticeship, I’d like to carry on studying.»

Florin Schriber, Draftsperson, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in structural engineering, Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG

Vocational training with prospects. Apply for one of our open positions. We are looking forward to meeting you.



Season's Greetings and best wishes for the new year 2017

We thank you for your excellent cooperation and we are looking forward to continuing our successful relationship in the new year.


Reopening of the Indoor Pool Buchholz, Uster

Hallenbad Buchholz, Uster

Aesthetics are important; profitability is a main focus, and the consideration of eco-friendly options goes without saying – but safety is the top priority.

A structure optimally suited to the indoor pool climate and capable of bridging large spans was needed. This task was mastered with architectural finesse, creative engineering skills and innovative craftsmanship. The result is a long-lasting and robust structure with continuous wood beams and a clear load-bearing capacity for both vertical and horizontal forces.

Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich completed all phases according to the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) for both the reinforced concrete component and the wooden construction. In addition to a preliminary status analysis of the existing hall, the repair of old structures was supervised and civil engineering works, including excavation, were planned.

Find out more about this project at: Reference Indoor Pool Buchholz, Uster


Apprentices Take the Floor

Gruner Gruppe Lernende

«Even in my taster week, I was very well looked after, so I’m looking forward to a great time working with this firm. After my apprenticeship, I’m going to attend a university of applied sciences.»

Natascha Zimmermann, Building services designer, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in sanitary engineering, Gruner Gruneko AG

Vocational training with prospects. Apply for one of our open positions. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Vibration Monitoring UZB Basel

The Rosental Quarter in Basel is currently being converted. The adjacent buildings are sensitive research facilities of the university center for dental medicine that are home to vibration-sensitive measuring instruments (electron microscopes) as well as pharmaceutical test labs.

Gruner AG has been commissioned for permanent vibration monitoring during the dismantling, building demolition and construction of the excavation pit. The vibration monitoring is being carried out using a measuring system with four vibration sensors (via GPRS / VPN).

By specifying alarm values and providing direct feedback to the construction company in case these values are exceeded, the effect of the construction on the surrounding facilities can be kept to a minimum.


Replacement of railway bridges in Chexbres, VD

Two of the three existing railway bridges in Chexbres were replaced over the weekends of the 12th to the 13th  and 19th to the 20th of November.

Each operation took 30 hours to compplete, during which the train services were suspended  and replaced by a bus service. During this period, the old bridges were dismantled, prefabricated benches were laid with an order of precision of millimetres, and finally the new metal bridges were put in place by means of a railway crane. The track was then reopened for the first trains on the Monday mornings.

The replacement of the remaining bridge in Chexbres, in the center of the village, is planned for May 2017.

The Project was developed jointly by Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen and Stucky Ltd. The Supervision and direction of the works was carried out by Stucky Ltd.




New in Zurich: Gruner Traffic Planning and Engineering

Gruner AG provides comprehensive services for cantonal, communal and private clients in the traffic planning and engineering field. In order to offer our customers in the Zurich area direct, local support in the handling of traffic issues, we have increased our personnel at our Zurich location.

Since November 2016, Ms. Marianne Brunner, a geographer / transport engineer DAS ETH, has been working as project manager in the traffic planning and engineering department at Gruner’s Zurich location.


Burgdorf Geotechnics Day 2017

On 19 January 2017, the Burgdorf Geotechnics Day 2017 will be held on the subject of observation methods and monitoring in geotechnics.

At the meeting, Laurent Pitteloud and Dr. Jörg Meier from the Department of Geo­tech­nical Engi­neer­ing at Gruner AG will give a presentation on static and dynamic tests on bored piles in the Molasse Basin area of Basel.


National Future Day

Zukunftstag Gruner

On National Future Day, numerous children came to visit the Gruner Group. At our various locations, they were able to gain an insight into the day-to-day work of their caregivers and learn about jobs and projects in the construction sector.

A large variety of companies, organizations, vocational schools and universities all over Switzerland open their doors on National Future Day. Girls and boys from 5th to 7th grade are invited to accompany their caregivers to work or to take part in an exciting special project.


Apprentices Take the Floor

Gruner Gruppe Lernende

«The apprenticeship programme on offer within the Gruner Group is extremely wide and varied, which ena-bles you to learn a lot. I was allowed to contribute to projects from the outset. I’m proud to be able to show the first results to my friends already.»

Tim Reichmuth, Draftsperson, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in structural engineering, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich

Vocational training with prospects. Apply for one of our open positions. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Staffing announcement

Adrian Keller

Adrian Keller, member of the Executive Committee and Head of Corporate Services, has decided to leave the Gruner Group at the end of April 2017 to take up a fresh professional challenge.

In spring 2017 he will become CEO of the Basel architectural practice Herzog & de Meuron.

We would like to thank Adrian Keller for his dedication and tremendous commitment and wish him every success for the future.


Extension of Rony school building, Hünenberg

The Rony school building in Hünenberg is to be renovated and extended by the addition of extra classrooms, special-purpose rooms, a kindergarten and childcare facilities. The existing school has a volume of approx. 23.000 cubic meters; the extension will add approx. 9000 cubic meters. 

The new extension building will be constructed to current standards for schools. Renovation work will be carried out within a short timeframe with as few temporary installations as possible. The services provided by Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG comprise the construction of the new load-bearing structure, demolition and renovation. In addition, Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG is responsible for the basement excavation, ground engineering and dewatering. 

Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG won the competitive tender as a subplanner of leader designer Röck Baggenstos Architekten AG. 


Seyis housing development, Münchenstein (BL)

Wohnüberbauung Seyis Münchenstein

Gruner Gruneko AG has been successful in winning Losinger Marazzi AG’s tender procedure for designing the HVAC/sanitary engineering and electrical engineering systems.

The Seyis housing development involves the construction to Minergie standards of 42 apartments in three blocks. A wood pellet boiler will provide heating and hot water, while the apartments themselves will be fitted with controlled ventilation. The municipality of Münchenstein awarded the contract for the project to Losinger Marazzi AG and its partners Vaudoise Insurance (investor) and architect Steinmann & Schmid Architekten AG BSA SIA.


Get to know our employees

Mitarbeitende der Gruner Gruppe, dipl. Ing. FH/HLK

«A job that gives great pleasure»

«I enjoy working on challenging and intriguing projects. Equally important for me is the support Gruner offers for internal and external training programs. As department head, I enjoy being in charge of a motivated team. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the determination to deliver good work.»

Urs Schürch, Engineer (UAS/HVAC), EMBA (UAS)

Attractive vacancies for qualified employees. Apply for the published vacancies or send us your spontaneous application. We are looking forward to meeting you.



buildingSMART award for Felix Platter Hospital

Felix Platter Spital, Basel BIM

The international association buildingSMART has presented its bSI Award for Operation and Maintenance Using Open Technology to the Felix Platter Hospital project. We would like to congratulate everyone from Gruner who is involved in the project and express our gratitude for the opportunity to work on this prestigious pilot project. 


The Gruner Group's Structural design department is responsible for the implementation of BIM methodology in this project.


buildingSMART International is a worldwide community committed to the creation and development of openBIM standards. Switzerland is one of the eighteen chapters that play a role in shaping openBIM at international level.



Inauguration of the longest dam in Switzerland

Staumauer Limmern, Muttsee

On 12.09.2016 the new Muttsee dam was inaugurated. It is over 1 km long and is located at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level.

The Muttsee dam in the Glarus Alps will form the upper reservoir of the new 1000 MW pumped storage plant, Linthal 2015. The design of this extraordinary structure was ensured by a consortium of engineering consultancies of which Stucky Ltd is a member. 

The plant will make an important contribution to securing Switzerland’s energy supply security by providing generation capacity of 1000 megawatts but also a large energy storage capacity. During the extension of the existing hydropower plants which are owned Kraftwerke Linth Limmern AG (KLL), Gruner Ltd as part of an engineering consultancy consortium carried out the challenging engineering feat of designing of the access tunnels.



Safety shaft in Bärenburg tunnel

The safety shaft in the Bärenburg tunnel is one of four that are due to be constructed on the N13 highway in Graubünden. The other three are in the Viamala, Crapteig and Rofla tunnels. The Bärenburg safety shaft will be one kilometer in length and have a maximum gradient of around 10%. Five connector shafts link the safety shaft to the tunnel. New portal stations will be built at the northern and southern safety shaft portals. The Bärenburg tunnel safety shaft is the second shaft for which construction has started.

The mandate, which covers all phases from development proposals to commissioning, is being handled by the Beverin consortium. As one of the consortium partners, Gruner Ltd's Underground Works department is providing site supervision services for the Bärenburg and Viamala safety shafts (the latter has been under construction since 2014) and detailed design services for the Bärenburg safety shaft.

Beverin consortium

  • Gruner Ltd
  • HDZ Elektroingenieure AG 
  • Locher Ingenieure AG (lead management)


Working at Gruner has many facets

Christoph Vahlhaus, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Gruner GmbH, Köln

"The team spirit, mutual support and tremendous freedom to contribute ideas and drive developments"

«In my time at Gruner, the company has shown utmost faith in my entrepreneurial skills. I have enjoyed considerable responsibility and great development opportunities. It's fun to play a key role in developing our wide-ranging projects and supporting them all the way through to completion. Each project is different and requires its own special solution.»

Christoph Vahlhaus, Engineer (UAS)

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Overpass ramp at the Sitter Viaduct in St. Gallen

230 tonnes in weight, 106 meters long, approx. 10 meters wide and installed in just one night – these statistics describe the temporary overpass ramp that has been installed over the carriageway under renewal and which makes it possible to replace expansion joints without disrupting traffic flow.

At 675 meters in length and 60 meters high, the freeway bridge between St. Gallen Winkeln and Kreuzbleiche is the largest bridge on the St. Gallen urban freeway network, a central arterial route through eastern Switzerland. "The replacement of two expansion joints on the Sitter Viaduct is an urgently needed sub-measure in the planned overhaul of the urban freeway," explains project manager Stephan Hofer from Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen. Providing protection from moving traffic, shelter from bad weather during the work and shorter construction times have been compounded by further challenges, including the low working heights of between 1.60 and 1.80 meters and noise emissions of around 100 decibels. Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen, is lead-managing the planning, implementation and ongoing preliminary works for the refurbishment of the entire section. 



Extension to Autohaus Niki Hasler car showroom, Basel

A sales pavilion is being added onto the Autohaus Niki Hasler AG car showroom. The new pavilion will be used to showcase Ferrari vehicles in line with the manufacturer's corporate standards.

The three-story block (with a usable area of 696 m2) will feature light-colored, glazed, fair-faced concrete. Two basement levels (with a usable area of 2,142 m2) are also planned. These will extend below the exist-ing, adjacent, though otherwise unaltered shed building, and provide car storage facilities as well as a number of customer parking spaces. A rotating automobile elevator, which acts as the fulcrum between old and new fabric in the overall architectural composition, links up all building levels and is both internally and externally accessible.

Gruner Ltd is providing construction management (cost control, tendering and site supervision) services for the extension project.



Zanyar Mirzaei presents research work at 2016 IABMAS Conference

Dr. Zanyar Mirzaei, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich

At the Conference in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, Dr. Mirzaei and Prof. Bryan Adey jointly presented a specialist paper based on the research work Dr. Mirzaei carried out for his dissertation at ETH Zurich. The specialist paper describes a methodology for defining ultra-sustainable work programs that systematically take into account the impact on individual bridges at both element and structural levels.

IABMAS is the International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety. Its objective is to promote international cooperation in the fields of bridge maintenance, safety, and management for the purpose of enhancing the welfare of society.



The biennial IABMAS Conferences give international experts and researchers working in bridge safety and maintenance an opportunity to share experience and the latest findings.

IABMAS has two technical committees: Bridge Management and Bridge Health Monitoring. Dr. Zanyar Mirzaei, who works at Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich, has been a member of the Bridge Management committee since 2012 and was the main author of the biennial reports issued in 2012 and 2014.




Employees have the word

Andrea Sandra Blaser, BSc Bauing FHNW, Gruner AG

"A wide variety of projects and a taste of new horizons"

«I greatly appreciate the pleasant working environment, modern infrastructure, flexitime model and general flexibility – not to mention the wealth of knowledge in the team and the Group. Colleagues' helpfulness and the diversity of projects, from housing to hospitals and pharmaceutical buildings, make working for Gruner something special. In 2015, I completed a project management course, which has created new development opportunities.»

Andrea Sandra Blaser, BSc Civil Engineer (FHNW)

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One name is resonating around the world – Gruner

Ein Name geht um die Welt – Gruner, Collage Gotthard

From New York to Shanghai, from Amsteg to Anchorage:

at the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel on June 1, 2016, the entire media, whether TV, print or online, were talking about Gruner – Eduard Gruner.
It was he who began the realization of the once-in-a-lifetime project and who put specific, feasible plans onto paper an incredible 69 years ago.
“The new timetable comes into effect today, May 5, 2000. (...) The express train completes the journey from Basel to Chiasso in just two hours – a journey that would have taken over five hours fifty years ago.” These were Eduard Gruner’s musings on his vision of a Gotthard Base Tunnel, which were published in “Prisma”, a technology journal, in August 1947. He was the only person who had this vision, and had already been working on it for 17 years before this publication. This vision is now a reality.


Although his estimates in terms of project cost and construction time are not in line with today’s figures, top experts are still extremely impressed about how concrete and detailed Gruner’s plans were, even then.
Gruner’s Gotthard Base Tunnel plans did not just envisage a track for the railroad, but rather a two-story construction in which there would also have been space for a freeway above the train. His initial notes and sketches were all ground-breaking. Even then, Eduard Gruner predicted that the workers in the tunnel would have to deal with temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius – and he was right.
Eduard Gruner sadly did not see the tunnel become a reality – the genius visionary passed away in 1984. But the Gruner name, and thus the Gruner brand, resonated around the world on June 1, 2016.
Several teams from the Gruner Group have been working on the planning and realization of the world’s longest rail tunnel since 1994. And we are proud of that.



La Neuveville-Biel highway section

Engineering structures on highway section (UPlaNS highway maintenance planning program)
The Federal Roads Office FEDRO has commissioned the K-Biel consortium, comprising Stucky Ltd and Gruner Wepf AG, to carry out the studies and supervise work on all engineering structures on the 13-km section of the N05 highway covered by UPlaNS. The contract, which will be lead-managed by Stucky Ltd, involves inspecting and refurbishing 6 bridges, 24 underpasses and 13 carriageway dividers. The studies will be completed in 2017, with advance measures being implemented from 2018. The UPlaNS work is scheduled to start in 2022.


Hot smoke tests at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

The new Elbphilharmonie concert hall has already become one of Hamburg’s most iconic structures. The fire safety experts at Gruner Ltd were commissioned by Hochtief Hamburg GmbH to deploy the patented procedure for testing the efficiency of the smoke extraction system. 

Numerous onlookers (fire service, design specialists, project managers and other parties involved in the construction project) watched as heated theatrical smoke was used to test this system in the building's huge auditorium.

We are delighted to report that our fire protection expertise has contributed successfully to this exciting project.




New-build apartment block in Basel

In the courtyard behind Missionsstrasse 36, the disused buildings of the former Reinhard printing press are being replaced by a new-build apartment block.
Gruner Lüem AG has been awarded the structural design contract for the new apartment building in Basel's Missionsstrasse. Gruner Gruneko AG has been responsible for the building services engineering.
Comprising 18 rental apartments, the building was designed by the Villa Nova firm of architects.



Complete renovation of 4 bridges in the canton Vaud

The Federal Roads Office has commissioned a Stucky-Alpatec consortium – lead-managed by Stucky Ltd – to conduct inspections, structural and seismic tests on 4 bridges on the A9 freeway between Vevey and Montreux. In addition to these checks, the contract involves preparing a project for the complete renovation of the 4 bridges (from project design through to re-commissioning). This work is an advance measure for this section of freeway that is being undertaken as part of the pending overall maintenance plan for the national road network. The renovation work is scheduled for the period 2018-19.


Succesful entry into professional life

Congratulations to our trainees for passing sucessfully their apprenticeship exam and receiving their certificates!

Electrical designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ)
Michel Monzón, Gruner Kiwi AG 

Building services designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in sanitary engineering
Karn Rungsawang, Gruner Roschi AG 

Draftspersons, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in architecture
Dominic Grosheny, Gruner AG

Draftspersons, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in structural engineering
Robin Borer, Gruner Lüem AG
Robin Dergeloo, Gruner AG
Benjamin Hasanbegovic, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
Dominik Hirschi, Gruner AG
Tamara Meyer, Gruner Böhringer AG
Jan Müller, Gruner AG
Roman Oberhänsli, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
Severin Stricker, Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen
Jelena Tubak, Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen
David Vjestica, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich



Get to know our employees

Thomas Schuler, Master of Science MSc GIS, Gruner Böhringer AG

"Respect, trust, solution-driven action, making compromises, job satisfaction"

«I have been at Gruner for nearly ten years now and particularly relish the many interdepartmental activities. It's something that automatically broadens your professional horizons without you even realizing it. I value the unquestioning solidarity, despite the broad mix of personalities. It was fantastic of Gruner to give me financial support during my Masters course. It is also great when firms are willing to offer parttime contracts.»

Thomas Schuler, MSc GIS

Attractive vacancies for qualified employees. Apply for the published vacancies or send us your spontaneous application. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Innovation in fire protection

The Gruner Group is now offering a modified process for structural fire design. This new approach is based on computational methods borrowed from aircraft design. Due to its high accuracy and efficacy, this system adds value for architects, clients, lead designers, steelwork system fabricators and structural designers.

Interested? Find out more at our free Knowledge transfer breakfast event on July 13, 2016 (8:00–9:00 a.m.) at Gruner Ltd’s CityGate site, St. Jakobs-Strasse 199, Basel. Book now to secure your place at this event by sending an e-mail to bellinda[punkt]behnke [ät] gruner[punkt]ch by July 7, 2016.

For a one-to-one consultation on the topic of structural fire design, contact our in-house expert Matthias Stamm on 061 317 64 52.


Rhine tunnel master project

Generelles Projekt Rheintunnel, Basel

The Basilea consortium, under the lead of Gruner Ltd's traffic planning, traffic engineering department, has won the "highway and engineering structures" batch of the Basel Rhine tunnel master project. 

Planning for one of Switzerland's biggest freeway projects is taking place on behalf of the Zofingen branch of the Swiss Federal Roads Office. The aim of the project is to relieve bottlenecks by creating a new bypass between the Hagnau and Wiese intersections to relieve the existing eastern bypass.



Working at Gruner has many facets

André Gerold, Dipl. Bauingenieur ETHZ

"I enjoy being able to work autonomously"

«In the many years I have been at Gruner, I have been able to work on a wide variety of projects in my specialist field, ranging from cycle paths to freeways, from tramways to the high-speed rail line through the Gotthard, and from indoor parking lots to tram depots. I enjoy being able to work autonomously, but still being able to call on the full range of expertise that exists within the Gruner Group if I need to.»

André Gerold, Civil Engineer ETHZ

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We send our congratulations on the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel


Living history 

Interview with Michael Bont (50), Head of Infrastructure, Gruner Ltd

As a young engineer, you were already working for Gruner Ltd on the once-in-a-lifetime Gotthard Base Tunnel project back in 1994. What did it mean to you then?
At that time we were commissioned to conduct the safety-oriented investigation (SIOP) of all tunnel pre-projects along the entire Gotthard route, from Zurich and Lucerne to Lugano. As a young engineer, I had the opportunity to study and analyze virtually all of Switzerland's combined tunnel-building expertise. I found it enormously valuable to 


participate in the particularly interesting site visits and technical discussions, alongside the project authors and our tunnel construction experts. I ended up being bitten by the tunnel building bug myself.

You worked on the Gotthard Base Tunnel for about 15 years. What did you find most fascinating about this project?
The many political, technical and economic challenges posed by this unique project are fascinating, of course, but I was even more impressed by the innovative genius of the engineers and the construction industry. When we started, it was first necessary to develop new and innovative construction methods in order to cope with the huge rock pressures, as well as new sealing systems, special concrete mixes, etc. Solutions were found for each and every problem, and their feasibility and usability verified through tests developed specially for the purpose. I have also been impressed by the extremely professional project management of AlpTransit Gotthard AG.

What thoughts are going through your head as the tunnel of the century finally opens?
"Rejoice, rejoice", is what our former Federal Councilor Adolf Ogi once said, when Claude Nicollier became the first Swiss astronaut to orbit the Earth, and I think that describes my thoughts exactly. Naturally, I am also very happy to be here for the opening of the base tunnel, as a member of Gruner Ltd. I am incredibly proud and motivated to know that our small country can produce tremendous feats that are unparalleled anywhere else the world. We should keep the tunnel in mind as an example when we go about our everyday work.

What advice would you give to young engineers with regard to developing a career?
Keep going and keep working on your skills, set yourselves ambitious targets, build on your strengths and use mistakes and failures as a way to improve. Be committed and play your part, but without losing patience. Invest in your team's performance, improve your communication and project management skills. And last but not least, never let work stop being fun.




Renovation of Sternenhof pavilions, Luzernerring, Basel

Sanierung Sternenhof Pavillon Luzernerring, Basel

The Sternenhof residential development for the elderly on Luzernerring belongs to the foundation of the same name and was built in 1957. It is now being extensively renovated in partnership with TrinklerStulaAchille architects.

Gruner Lüem AG was commissioned to undertake the following work in connection with the renovation of the pavilions:

  • Detailed seismic safety assessment using pushover analysis and deformation-based structural analyses (pavilions A, C, D and E)
  • Structural design for renovation work (pavilions A, C, D and E)
  • Structural design for new-build pavilion B


Dietikon integrated urban transport strategy

Städtisches Gesamtverkehrskonzept (sGVK) Dietikon

An integrated urban transport strategy has been developed for the town of Dietikon under the lead of Gruner Ltd's traffic planning, traffic engineering department. Alongside extensive analyses of the current and future state of the network, the SWOT analysis-based mobility strategy provided the basis for developing the focus areas of planning activities. These focus areas were then used to devise various operating and design concepts. In all, more than 40 individual measures were developed and documented in action sheets.  

Since the resulting strategic study includes all modes of transports, it will enable the town of Dietikon to make a swift, coordinated response to the changes that are expected to occur in the next few years.


Rehabilitation and optimization of ewz site in Herdern

ewz Areal Herdern - Instandsetzung und Optimierung

The remodeling and optimization of the Herdern maintenance depot in Zurich was put out to competitive tender. The aim of the competition was to extend and remodel the main building by providing offices and a replacement for the storage facility (electromagnetic coil room), and making various alterations to the outside storage areas. When the work is complete, the site will employ 600 people. 

The competition was won by Meili & Peter Architekten AG in partnership with Hämmerle + Partner GmbH as lead designer. 

Lead design team member Gruner Gruneko AG was responsible for HVAC design.

All structural work is scheduled for completion in 2022.



Employees have the word

Barbara Aregger, Senior Assistentin der Geschäftsleitung, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich

"There is effectively nothing we cannot design and build, and that makes me proud"

«It's fun to have so much variety in my daily office life. What I most appreciate is the fact that I can rely on all the people I work with. I give high priority to my personal and professional development, for example in the role of project management or senior project management assistant. What is so special about Gruner? The exceptional variety of projects, diverse professions, wide range of age groups and different nationalities – all united within one Group.»

Barbara Aregger, Senior Assistant to the Executive Board

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Qairokkum Hydropower Rehabilitation Project

Sanierung des Wasserkraftwerks Qairokkum

Stucky Ltd in joint venture with SWECO has just signed a contract with OJSC Barqi Tojik, Tajikistan’s National Power Utility to provide consulting services for the rehabilitation of the hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment of the 66 year old Qairokkum hydro power plant under present and future climatic conditions and increase the existing installed capacity from 126MW to 174MW by installing turbines with greater rated capacity.
The Project will also raise the safety level of the power plant, the dam and the reservoir and strengthen the resilience of the plant against adverse effects of climate change.
The EBRD funded Project will be implemented in two phases. 


Gruner GmbH gets excellent rating

Team von Gruner GmbH, Leipzig

For several years, Leipzig-based Gruner GmbH has been planning and carrying out site supervision for complex industrial infrastructure projects on behalf of Infraleuna GmbH.

Infraleuna has given Gruner GmbH a rating of 1.3 for its engineering services in 2015. The assessment is based on the criteria of quality/safety, reliability, flexibility and price/performance ratio and is carried out under the company's DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management system. Ratings range from 1 (very good) to 5 (unsatisfactory). 



Sonnenberg housing development, Abtwil

The development comprises five residential blocks with a total of 70 apartments and 105 indoor parking spaces. Some 660 grouted driven piles were installed for part of the foundations below the 140 x 50 m building footprint. Designed by architectural practice Carlos Martinez Architekten AG and located in the center of Abtwil (Canton of St. Gallen), the scheme was built between 2014 and 2016. 

Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen was entrusted with all design and site supervision services for the basement excavation, incl. slope stabilization, and structural works for the buildings.



Working at Gruner has many facets

Gianluca Gatto, Civil Engineer, Sapienza University of Rome, Stucky SA

"Challenging projects, the full backing of superiors and cultural diversity"

«Although I work independently, I can always rely on the full support of management. The projects are major engineering challenges and need passion, commitment and continuous further training. Working abroad gives you the chance to experience new cultures, different mentalities and the local cuisine. Stucky grants me ample flexibility to meet the various demands of my job in Switzerland, my worldwide projects and my family in Italy.»

Gianluca Gatto, Civil Engineer, Sapienza University of Rome

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Gotthard road tunnel: Second tube

Gotthard-Strassentunnel Gruner AG

Basel, Bellinzona. – In October 2013 the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) awarded the planning and design contract for the "FEDRO General" phase, with an option on the "Detailed Design" phase, of the second Gotthard road tunnel tube project to engineering consortium Ingenieurgemeinschaft Gottardo Due.

Gruner AG is playing a leading role in this consortium along with Gähler und Partner AG, Rothpletz, Lienhard + Cie AG, CES Bauingenieur AG and Sciarini SA. Reunit​ing nearly all team members from the Gotthard base rail tunnel project, the Gottardo Due consortium will soon set about tackling this new and complex engineering project.

On February 28, 2016, a referendum approved the construction of a second tube to modernize Switzerland's longest road tunnel with a 57% vote in favor. To coincide with the referendum, the Gottardo Due consortium completed the general project and submitted it to FEDRO for the consultation procedure in the cantons and federal offices. In response to the "yes" vote in the referendum, FEDRO has taken up the option on the detailed design project, and the Gottardo Due consortium will be able to continue its design work. During the consultation phase, the Gottardo Due consortium will develop the project to a level where it is ready for public display, which will probably take place in the second half of 2017.


Get to know our employees

"Lots of freedom, team spirit and solid support"

«At a personal level, you benefit from considerable freedoms, team spirit and solid support. Although – as an architect in the Gruner Group – I’m something of an exotic creature, I’m able to contribute creatively to general planning mandates and profit enormously from the multifaceted, interdisciplinary approach.»
Christian Brendelberger, Architect (UAS)

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Full refurbishment of Amtshaus Walche administrative building

Built in 1932 to the designs of architect Wilhelm Pfister-Picault, the Amtshaus Walche in Zurich has since undergone a string of alterations, extensions and technical adaptations. Immobilien Stadt Zürich, the body responsible for managing the municipal real estate, has commissioned the City of Zurich Buildings Department to undertake the wholesale refurbishment of the Amtshaus Walche building. The aim of the overhaul is to ensure that the facility remains fit for purpose for a further 30 years. 

With its convincing concept for modernization of the building services systems in line with the Swiss Minergie energy efficiency standard, Gruner Kiwi AG emerged as the winner from the two-stage selective tendering procedure.

The features incorporated in the competition proposals to meet the required Minergie targets included: 

  • Controlled ventilation with high-efficiency heat recovery
  • Combination of natural and mechanical ventilation
  • Demand-controlled ventilation and heating using presence detectors and indoor temperature sensors 
  • Ventilation and heating systems controlled by a building management system and fine-tuned to the user profile 
  • Optional remote maintenance for the systems, thereby allowing a rapid response to defective system components



Projekt GeniLac® – Vengeron 60 MW

Projekt GeniLac® - Vengeron 60 MW, Stucky SA, Gruner Gruppe

GeniLac® is a hydrothermal project designed to provide heating and cooling capacity for residential and commercial buildings in downtown Geneva. Water taken from a sufficient depth in Lake Geneva to ensure a temperature of 6-10°C is pumped as a heating/cooling source to thermal installations in local buildings. Heat exchangers are used to provide cooling capacity and heat pumps to provide heating capacity. The water is then returned to its original source without in any way compromising the natural biotopes.

Stucky Ltd was commissioned to prepare a preliminary study and follow-up concept for a work package that notably includes the underground pumping station at Vengeron, microtunneling works, underwater installations, e.g. a suction line to draw water from the bottom of the lake, and the pumping station plant.

The project will provide private companies, banks, institutions, hotels, shops etc. with all the bene-fits of a local heating and cooling distribution network.


Stucky is at ASIA 2016 Conference

Stucky SA has a stand at the Asia 2016 from the 1st to the 3rd of March 2016 in Laos' capital of Vientiane. More than 700 international delegates and exhibitors are expected to attend this important conference on the exploitation of water resources and hydropower in Asia.

Stucky established Stucky Asia 2 years ago in Bangkok and is currently working on several hydropower projects in Myanmar, Malaysia, China and the Philippines.


New building complex in Letzi district

Neuer Gebäudekomplex im Letziquartier, Swiss Life AG, Gruner Kiwi AG

Swiss Life Ltd is constructing a building complex in Zurich's Letzi district, the main feature of which will be a 22-floor high-rise. The triangular courtyard provides a public space that will become a new meeting place for the district. A café with outside seating will also be provided. 

The elegant architectural concept, entitled "Sphinx", is the work of Galli Rudolf. Gruner Kiwi AG has been awarded the electrical design contract.




Architects: Galli Rudolf Architekten AG
Visualization: Atelier Brunecky


Malabar project wins design-and-build competition

The municipality of Köniz held a design-and-build competition for the extension of the Hessgut school complex in Liebefeld. The purpose of the extension is to create additional space for the elementary and kindergarten classes.

The Malabar project submitted by the design team led by ERNE AG Holzbau, Laufenburg, emerged from the selection process as winner. Team member Gruner Roschi AG, Köniz, is responsible for HVAC design. 

The Malabar project was selected by virtue of its coherent combination of urban design solution, architectural impression and functionality. The contemporary timber structure meets MINERGIE-P-ECO construction standards.



Employees have the word

"Lots of pluses and something new to learn every day"

«The Gruner Group has lots to offer: a relatively young team, an atmosphere of trust, easygoing relations with managers, the chance to learn something new every day, responsible tasks, flexible working hours, highprofile projects, international assignments, wideranging events and development programs offering chances for promotion!»
Garis Grünthal, BSc Civil Engineer (TU)

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Kariba dam site, Zambia

Kariba-Staudamm, Zambia

In the framework of a 300 million USD rehabilitation project, a team of Stucky experts visited the Kariba dam site in January. This technical assistance and construction supervision contract was recently awarded to Stucky by the Zambezi River Authority, and consists of two major components; the reshaping of the plunge pool to limit scouring and erosion that could potentially undermine the dam foundations, and the rehabilitation of the spillway gates and stop beams.

The Kariba dam and hydro-electric scheme, constructed between 1956 and 1959, is a double curvature concrete arch dam with a maximum height of 128m. The lake is over 223 km long and up to 40 km in width.

With a 9,000 m3/s maximum discharge capacity, the spillway is a critical element for the safety of the dam. The objective of the project is to guarantee safe operation including in case of a very large flood. The other key element is to reshape the plunge pool, where an 80m deep scour hole has formed in the bedrock immediately downstream of the dam foundations over the past 50 years.  This work is unprecedented in dam history and urgently needed to prevent any potential further regression and protect the dam from catastrophic failure due to lack of foundation support.





Rehabilitation of Fully hydropower installation

The Fully hydropower installation was put into service in 1915. Its turbines are driven by water from the Lac de Fully and Lac de Sorniot catchment basins. A hydropower plant known as the "Belle Usine" was built in Fully to make use of the gross head of 1643 meters, the highest in the world until 1934.

In 2011, Forces Motrices de Fully mandated Stucky Ltd to rehabilitate the installation. To guarantee the serviceability of the existing penstock, which had been affected by general corrosion, Stucky proposed reducing the pressure within the penstock by creating an intermediate level at Les Garettes. As part of the rehabilitation work, a new hydropower plant will be built in the valley at Verdan, while the pumping station will be replaced by a turbine at Sorniot. Construction of the hydropower plant and intermediate level started in September 2015.




New project: Ligerz tunnel

The GILIG engineering consortium, consisting of Gruner Ltd, Stucky Ltd and Gähler und Partner AG, has been awarded the Ligerz tunnel project.

The project involves the construction of a 2.1-km double-track tunnel, including the trackbed west and east of the tunnel, as well as raising the height of the platforms at Twann station. Further information can be found on SBB's website in German.

The mandate includes civil engineering, rail engineering, geotechnics and tunnel construction. We have been awarded all design stages from concept design to operational start.


Balgrist Campus research center opens

Uniklinik Balgrist Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum, Gruner Kiwi AG

The Balgrist Campus research center has been opened in a ceremony attended by Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann.

It is intended that the 64-million-franc building will become Europe's leading research and development center for musculoskeletal medicine by 2020. It has a net floor area of around 7600 square meters and is available to research groups from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich that specialize in the musculo-skeletal apparatus as well as their industrial partners. The first research groups moved in last November, and others are set to join them in January 2016.

Gruner Kiwi AG handled planning and site supervision for all building services, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary and electrical installations and building automation.



Working at Gruner has many facets

"Good promotion prospects and changing teams are fun"

«I particularly value the professional development opportunities – engineering, project management and communication courses – available in the Group. At the same time, each project brings fresh demands that call for customdeveloped detail solutions. It’s an exciting mix! The promotion prospects are good and it’s fun to work in constantly changing teams that pose ever-new challenges.»
Georg Rüdlin, Civil Engineer (ETH)

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New-build hospital, Zweisimmen

Spital-Neubau, Zweisimmen

Biel-based architects practice Sollberger Bögli Architekten have won the design competition for Zweisimmen's new-build hospital with their "Dr. House" project. Gruner Roschi AG provided building services support for the architects during the competition and is a member of the lead design team.

The current hospital, which was built in 1976, no longer meets contemporary requirements. The new-build hospital will provide a framework for simplifying processes and providing modern hospital services. Investing in the new building will ensure the continued provision of basic medical care in the Simmental-Saanenland region. The hospital, which will house an acute care clinic, residential and care facilities for the elderly as well as integrated patient care, is scheduled to open in fall 2018.


Newbuild bus depot, Herzogenbuchsee

Buszentrum Herzogbuchensee

A new bus depot is being built in Herzogenbuchsee for Aare Seeland Mobil AG.

Because of the multipurpose nature of the new building, its building services are extremely challenging.

Gruner Roschi AG provided the following services for the newbuild bus depot:

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Electrical and technical coordination

Read more about this project.


Kultur Casino 2020, Bern

Kultur Casino 2020, Bern

Gruner Roschi AG has been mandated by the Burgergemeinde Bern to carry out various tasks associated with the renovation of the city's Kultur Casino. These comprise:

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Technical coordination

The Kultur Casino 2020 in Bern is a venue for high-quality concerts and gastronomic dining experiences.

Learn more about this project.


University Children's Hospital, Zurich: detailed design stage approved

Visualisierung Kinderspital Zürich

The preliminary design phase for the newbuild hospital is complete and has been approved by the client, the Board of Trustees of the Eleonoren Foundation. At the same time, the Board has mandated the Herzog & de Meuron Ltd. / Gruner Ltd consortium to implement the next phase.

The General Planning team will thus be devoting their full energies to the next phase of their overall site supervision and construction managment mandate.

The flat-roofed, three-floor building is scheduled to open in 2021. The new family- and child-friendly hospital will provide high-quality medical care.



Employees have the word

"A friendly environment with plenty of after-hours activities"

«The team operates with a flat hierarchy and we all enjoy the friendly atmosphere as well as the many afterwork activities. Other merits, in my view, include the highly interdisciplinary approach and the widely varying activities as project manager, site supervisor and coordinator. I also like the idea of a small branch in eastern Switzerland taking the lead in fascinating major projects within the Gruner Group.»
Philipp Gerster, Civil Engineer (ETH)

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Geotechnical engineering and excavation pRED / Building 2, F.Hoffmann-La Roche AG

In the refurbishment and expansion of its building infrastructure, Roche has once again enlisted the support of Gruner Ltd: as previously for Buildings 8, 10 and 11, the company has been commissioned to provide services in the fields of geotechnics, excavation, foundation engineering, demolition, transport, evidence collection/preservation and vibration monitoring for the pRED Center and Building 2, designed by architectural practice Herzog & de Meuron.

The pRED research complex comprises four facilities (Buildings 4, 5, 6 and 7) and has a maximum height of 132 m.
Building 2 is a 205 m tall office high-rise.

Read more about the planned pRED-Center in Basel.


New addition to North-Western Switzerland region management team

Michael Bont, neuer Leiter Infrastruktur ab April 2016

New addition to North-Western Switzerland region management team

Michael Bont (50), Civil Engineer (ETH), will become Head of the Infrastructure Division at Gruner Ltd in Basel as of April 1, 2016. A former senior manager at Gruner Ltd, Mr Bont is rejoining his former employer. His last post at Gruner was as Head of the Underground Works department, during which he oversaw Gruner's contribution to the Gotthard Base Tunnel project. For the last ten years, Michael Bont has been Head of Infrastructure at Basel's city transport authority (Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe, BVB). As such he will be bringing extensive management experience with him, having most recently been a Vice President at BVB.

Given his excellent track record in his specialist field, we are delighted to welcome Michael Bont to the NWCH region management team.



Flavio Casanova re-elected to the FGC

The Federal Geological Commission (FGC) is a permanent extra-parliamentary commission that advises the Federal Council on applied geology.

The Commission provides input on fundamental geological issues for the Federal Council and the departments of the Federal Administration, prepares decision-making materials and ensures that expert opinions on geological matters receive a neutral assessment.

Gruner Group CEO Flavio Casanova has been re-elected as one of the 11 members of this important commission.


Gruner takes silver at Prix SVC Nordschweiz

We are delighted about this award, which was presented to us at the Congress Center Basel on November 26, 2015. CEO Flavio Casanova was present to receive the award on behalf on Gruner's employees.
The expert jury was impressed by our innovation, corporate culture, employee quality, sustainable success and regional roots.

The Swiss Venture Club (SVC) presents its entrepreneur's award to outstanding small and medium-sized companies every two years. Six finalists were nominated from the 84 companies that were put forward for the award. We would like to congratulate the winner, Medartis AG, on its first place.

A recording of the ceremony (in German) can be found here.


Rheinfelden: geological mapping of southern section

Gruner Böhringer AG has been tasked with mapping the bedrock for the geological Atlas sheet1068/1048 (Sissach – Rheinfelden).

Gruner Böhringer's profound knowledge of the local geology, especially the Triassic rock that occurs here, was instrumental in winning the contract.

Read more about this project.


Tallest hotel in the world in Vals/Graubünden in Switzerland

The new hotel in Vals/Graubünden in Switzerland will be the tallest hotel in the world, designed by Morphosis architects from Los Angeles, California. Rising up to nearly 400 m above ground with an amazing slender design, it will provide more than 100 rooms, restaurants, pool, gym, spa, and other amenities.

Gruner is commissioned by Morphosis to provide consultant services for structural and fire design. We support Los Angeles-based structural engineer Thornton Tomasetti and M&E consultant Arup in providing a world class design which will be one-of-a-kind in Switzerland.


Grosspeter Tower, Basel: Foundation-stone-laying ceremony for zero-emission high-rise

The foundation-stone laying ceremony on October 30, 2015 marked the official start of construction on the tower. The late timing of the ceremony – after a full year's work on site – was partly due to the sophisticated energy concept.
Further technical highlights of the building include CO2 and propane heat and cooling pumps together with a photovoltaic installation integrated in the facade.

As one of the designers of the pioneering building services concept, Gruner Gruneko AG is handling the heating/refrigeration, ventilation, plumbing and M&C systems along with the technical coordination. The downhole heat exchanger array was developed in collaboration with Gruner Böhringer AG. A dynamic building simulation developed by Gruner Roschi AG was used to model the long-term behavior of the heat exchanger array.
Gruner achieved a European first by successfully coupling the building and downhole heat exchanger simulations while factoring in the system efficiencies. The resulting integral energy simulation has delivered high planning certainty.

Read more about this project.




Further recognition for the forward-looking Zielturm Rotsee project

The Zielturm Rotsee tower in Lucerne has been selected by the jury of the Prix Lignum 2015 to receive an award for its innovative, high-quality and forward-looking use of wood. We would like to offer our congratulations on this outstanding achievement. Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG, Zug played a crucial role as civil engineers on this project.

The Prix Lignum 2015 is awarded for the outstanding use of wood in structures, interior fit-out, furniture and artistic work. The prize is awarded every three years in five large regions of Switzerland.


Noise remediation of Basel eastern bypass

Lärmsanierung Osttangente

Gruner Ltd's traffic planning, traffic engineering department has been awarded a traffic engineering contract by the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). Comprehensive traffic statistics are required for the noise calculations that have to be performed in connection with the forthcoming noise remediation of Basel's eastern bypass.

This will involve various activities, including determining the necessary traffic figures from macroscopic traffic models, plausibility testing them and preparing the data in the appropriate form for the noise specialists.


Get to know one of our employees

Rita Lempen, Haustechnikplanerin Sanitär

"Good working conditions for a single mother"

"As a single mother with an 11yearold daughter, I particularly benefit from the flexible working conditions at Gruner Roschi. Despite having only a 70% parttime contract, I can still tackle sanitary projects independently, from start to finish. I am also able to vary my hours depending on the workload."

Rita Lempen, Building Services (Sanitary) Engineer

Attractive vacancies for qualified employees. Apply for the published vacancies or send us your spontaneous application. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard holds talks with the CEO of Stucky in Chile

On October 29, 2015, Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard traveled to Chile on an official three-day working visit. During the course of talks held with Chile's energy minister and environment minister, two agree-ments were signed promising close cooperation between the two countries in the areas of energy and the environment.

Dr. Stefan Mützenberg, CEO of Stucky SA, was one of the delegates from eight Swiss companies selected in the area of renewable energy. The company representatives made an active contribution to the talks and presented their suggestions for solutions and their experiences.

Chile is currently experiencing an energy shortage and has some of the highest electricity prices in the world. The energy ministry intends to remedy this bottleneck in the next few years by rapidly expanding production from renewable energy sources. One such solution is the "100 Mini Hydro Plan", which aims to exploit the scarcely used hydropower potential in the south of the country by installing around 100 hydro-power plants of up to 20 MW.


Research greenhouses successfully put into service

Syngenta, B-Flex, Gewächshaus, frontal

August saw the transfer of the Bflex research greenhouses to Syngenta Crop Protection Münchwilen AG in Stein, Aargau.

Gruner Gruneko AG was responsible for the crucial area of building services engineering. This included the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and sanitary technology as well as building automation, control and monitoring technology. Gruner Gruneko AG also successfully handled the spatial and technical coordination.

Read more about this project.


Working at Gruner has many facets

"A family culture with a trusting atmosphere and good personal relations"

"Despite its size, the Gruner Group is like a big family with a trusting atmosphere and good personal relations among staff. From a professional point of view, I appreciate both the supportive culture and the challenges posed by the exceptional projects. The organizational flexibility and firstrate international team environment are particularly motivating."

Martin Wickenhäuser, PhD, Civil Engineer (ETH)

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Preliminary study for Grenzacherstrasse–Schwarzwaldstrasse tram project

Bildlegende:  rote Linie: Tramprojekt Grenzacherstrasse (und Darstellung möglicher Haltestellen) / schwarze Linie: bestehendes Tramnetz mit Haltestellen

In September 2012, the Basel-Stadt Great Council approved plans to expand the tram network in the canton. Consequently, the technical feasibility of new tram routes is now being investigated.

Gruner Ltd's traffic planning, traffic engineering department has been mandated by the Mobility Office of the Canton of Basel-Stadt's Building and Traffic department to work with spacial and urban planners to prepare a preliminary study (SIA phase 2) for a tram route along Grenzacherstrasse.

The preliminary study will:

  • Develop routing options
  • Demonstrate the technical feasibility of potential stops
  • Evaluate a best option
  • Provide a cost estimate

Major challenges include providing a direct tram link at the Roche site and integrating the major traffic junctions at Wettsteinplatz, the Tinguely Museum and concourse of the Badischer Bahnhof.



GoldenPass tunnels: main inspection

Rail operator GoldenPass has entrusted Stucky Ltd with the main inspections of 24 tunnels along the MOB (Montreux Oberland Bernois) and MVR (Montreux-Vevey Riviera) lines. Performed every six years, these inspections provide the operator with an update on the condition of the structures (most of which came into service at the start of the twentieth century) and serve as a basis for its refurbishment programs. Each night in October 2015, Stucky will inspect approx. 6 km long sections of tunnel along the route between Montreux and Zweisimmen.


Flood control and renaturalization measures for Rivers Kleine Emme and Reuss, Buchrain

An engineering consortium comprising Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG, Staubli, Kurath Partner AG, Aquarius and various other sub-designers was commissioned by paper manufacturer Perlen Papier AG to provide services in connection with the renewal of a concession for two hydropower plants together with flood control measures for the Rivers Kleine Emme and Reuss.

Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG is responsible for the overall project management and design of the works on the left bank of the River Reuss (flood corridor, weir access road, upstream fish pass).

The project embraces:
- Services in connection with renewal of concession for two hydropower plants, with a capacity of 2 MW, owned by Perlen Papier AG
- Flood control measures
- Design of fish passage facilities (upstream and downstream fish passes, specification of residual flow)
- Eco-friendly improvements


Boussiaba water treatment plant

The Boussiaba water treatment plant project involves harnessing the natural resources of the Boussiaba wadi to meet part of the drinking water requirements of the El Milia region and of Constantine.

The waters of the Boussiaba wadi are stored in the reservoir formed by the Boussiaba dam and then pumped into the El Milia region and the Béni Haroun reservoir.
Completion of this project will have a major economic impact on Eastern Algeria and will:

- improve the supply of drinking water in the wilayahs (administrative regions) of El Milia and Constantine

- improve the health and quality of life for the local population

- reduce the risk of pollution resulting from lengthy interruptions to water supplies

- help to create temporary employment during the construction phase and permanent employment once the plant is in operation.

With its extensive experience of drinking-water supply projects in Algeria, Stucky Ltd has now been awarded a new contract  by the Ministry for Water Resources and the Environment.


Management change in the Zurich, Eastern and Central Switzerland region

Dr. Dietrich Wepf, Regional Head of Zurich, Eastern and Central Switzerland and member of the Executive Committee, will relinquish his role as Regional Head at the end of the year as part of the succession process. Dr. Dietrich Wepf will continue to work within the Executive Committee as deputy to the CEO, participating in selected projects and taking on specialist tasks for the Gruner Group.

The Board of Directors of the Gruner Group has appointed Reto Hagger (52) as the new Regional Head. Reto Hagger, who holds a civil engineering degree from ETH (dipl. Bauing. ETH), brings with him many years of experience in civil engineering, tunnel construction and landfill engineering. He was a member of executive management at the Walo Group, where he held a senior operating position. He will join the Gruner Group as of November 1, 2015 and take on his new role as of January 1, 2016.

Dr. Stefan Bergamin, CEO of Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich, has decided to take on a new professional challenge. He leaves the Gruner Group with immediate effect. The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee would like to thank Dr. Stefan Bergamin for his tremendous dedication and wish him every success for the future.

Stefan Maurhofer (48), who holds a degree in civil engineering, will take over as CEO of Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich, as of December 1, 2015. Stefan Maurhofer brings with him considerable experience in project management from major infrastructure (including underground engineering) projects. He was a member of executive management at Amberg Engineering AG for many years. He also lectures at the Fachhochschule Rapperswil and is Vice President of the expert group for underground engineering at the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects.



Expansion city railway phase II, Limmattenbahn

The INGE LIMTAL consortium (Gruner Wepf AG, Zurich / Basler & Hofmann AG / dsp Ingenieure und Planer AG) has been awarded with the contract for the final planning project and the site supervision of tender lots 1 and 3 for the second construction phase of the city railway project Limmattalbahn.
Gruner Wepf AG, Zurich, will take the lead for the tender lot 1 (Farbhof to the Zurich city limit). The INGE LIMTAL consortium has already prepared the building permit documentation for the Schlieren and Urdorf sections.

The Limmat Valley (Limmattal) region has the highest potential for development in the Greater Zurich area. The expansion of the local public transport system will accommodate additional traffic for the most part. Running on reserved tracks for most of its route, the Limmattalbahn will increase the capacity available to meet increased travel needs and help to reduce traffic problems in the Limmat Valley. Starting in 2020, the city railway will operate, besides the Zurich S-Bahn, between Zürich-Altstetten and Killwangen-Spreitenbach.


Geotechnical engineering and excavation contract for Roche project

F. Hofmann-La Roche Ltd is extending and renovating the building infrastructure at its existing Basel site and will be realizing a new research and development center in the next ten years. The two high-rises—Building 1 and Building 2—plus a total of eight other new office and laboratory buildings which will replace the older structures on the existing industrial site, should enable the company to concentrate its employees at a single location.

Gruner Ltd has been commissioned to conduct engineering services including geotechnical engineering and excavation for Buildings 8 and 11, which have been designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron. The basement level, which will extend below the water table, will require excavations between 22 and 26 meters deep, braced at several points, with a floor area of approximately 4,000 m2.


Visitor flows analysis Expo 2015

Expo Mailand Besucherstrom Sicherheit Gruner Gruppe

The Expo Milano 2015 World Fair is expecting up to 20 million visitors.

The Gruner experts of the Safety, Security department used computer simulations to analyze visitor flows and delivered recommendations for access and visitor management. Find out more about the project.


Laurent Pitteloud est le nouveau président de Géotechnique Suisse

The Annual General Meeting of Geotechnik Schweiz has elected Laurent Pitteloud, Department Head of the Geotechnical Engineering Department at Gruner Ltd as the organization's President with effect from January 2016. He has been a member of Geotechnik Schweiz's committee since 2010. The association promotes knowledge in the field of goetechnical engineering.

We congratulate Laurent Pitteloud on his election and wish him every success.


Vibration control for Helvetia Tower

Gruner has been commissioned to propose a cost-effective vibration control system to suit the prevailing conditions for Helvetia Tower in Pratteln/BL.

More Details about the project.




Succesful entry into professional life

Congratulations to our trainees for passing sucessfully their apprenticeship exam and receiving their certificates!

Draftspersons, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in structural engineering

Manuel Brescakovic, Gruner AG
Dominic Moren, Gruner AG
Agron Salihi, Gruner AG
Denis Hauser, Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG
Alexander Pfister, Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG
Seraina Hofmann, Gruner Böhringer AG
Pascale Maegert, Gruner Ingenieure AG
Maurus Fritsche, Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen
Marco Cazzato, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
Jasmin Lanz, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
Nicholas Larson, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich

Building services designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in ventilation
Martina Wirth, Gruner Kiwi AG

Building services designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in sanitary engineering
Adrian Schmid, Gruner Gruneko AG

Building services designers, Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) specializing in heating
Yuri Heri, Gruner Gruneko AG


Basel Stadtcasino

Barfüsser Stadtcasino Basel Brandschutz Gruner

To make this musically significant building attractive for future generations, architects Herzog & de Meuron are planning the "Stadtcasino Basel extension" project.

In a preliminary project, Gruner Ltd's Fire Safety Department drafted a fire safety concept and has now been awarded the contract to provide fire safety supervision for the next project phases.


Winner of our ETH liaison fair competition

The Hönggerberg university liaison fair (KTH) took place at ETH Zurich on 16 April 2015. We held a small competition at the annual company fair for students and graduates of civil engineering, environmental engineering, geomatic engineering and planning, and spatial development and infrastructure.

The following three students have each won a Jack Wolfskin gift card worth CHF 100:

Daniel Hofer from Tägerwilen
Simon Wynistorf from Adligenswil
Rinaldo Ryffel from Chur

We offer our warmest congratulations to the winners, hope you have fun spending your vouchers, and look forward to future meetings.


Gruner GmbH receives Top Supplier award

Auszeichnung Gruner Leipzig 2

The specialist jury of Leipzig's municipal water utility has named Gruner GmbH a Top Supplier in the engineering services category. The award is in recognition of the company's outstanding performance in terms of quality, reliability, cooperation, flexibilty and price.

Leipzig-based Gruner GmbH offers longstanding experience and extensive knowledge in such areas as construction measurement systems, bridge construction, specialized civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, roads, urban and municipal engineering, traffic systems, hydraulic engineering, structural maintenance, seismic safety assessments and structural design.


Swiss Geotechnic Ground Improvement Conference in Lucerne, Switzerland, on May 7, 2015

Geotechnik News

In case that the subsoil lacks bearing capacities, generally ground improvement measures are carried out. In the last decades new methods, such as jet grouting, biogrouting and other injection techniques, vibroreplacement, and cutter-soil-mixing (CSM) were developed.

Swiss Geotechnic is holding a conference on ground improvement in Lucerne, Switzerland, on May 7th, 2015. The Gruner Group will be represented by Ralf Hebecker (Engineer, UAS), who will give a presentation on deep jet-grouted base slabs, as the ones completed in 2013 for the U5 subway in Berlin.

The conference program is posted at


Alimit HEPP, Philippines – Stucky wins feasibility study mandate

Hydropower is one of the key energy sources on the biggest island group of the Philippines, the Luzon archipelago. In 2014, Stucky conducted prefeasibility studies for the pumped-storage and diversion scheme for the new Alimit hydroelectric power plant (HEPP). The company has now been commissioned to perform the feasibility studies for the entire hydropower complex.

Comprising an 80 m tall dam on the Alimit River, a series of reservoirs, diversion channels and two 125 MW Francis turbines housed in a powerhouse cavern, the 250 MW pumped-storage hydropower plant will rank among the largest hydroelectric facilities in the Philippines.


Schlieren - development of Engstringerstrasse intersection, new roundabout

Schlieren Engstrigerknoten

With the realization of the Limmattalbahn project, the east-west through traffic in Schlieren will be increasing on Bernstrasse. This will bring the Bernstrasse/Engstringerstrasse intersection to its capacity limit. Therefore, it is planned that this junction will become a grade-separated interchange and the nearby Engstringerstrasse/Rütistrasse intersection will be developed into a roundabout.

Gruner Wepf AG, Zurich, has been assigned by the Canton of Zurich Engineering Department to provide the preliminary, construction, detail and execution project. The plans include a below groundwater level underpass with two approx. 150m long ramp structures and a conforming to the law constructed road run-off treatment.


Remodeling of Martigny railroad station - Stucky lead designer and co-ordinator

SBB Bahnhof Martigny

The remodeling of Martigny railroad station forms part of the SBB ATR (network automation) project for the Martigny-Sion line. In the course of this project, all safety devices are to be automated and equipped for remote control from the Operations Center West (CEO). A major portion of the works, which cover six stations and some 20 km of track overall, is to be carried out at Martigny station.

Here, the geometry of the entire track area is to be altered, with the platforms raised and lengthened to accommodate the new trains. A new underpass with ramp and steps will be built at the Sion-bound end of the station. The roof of the island platform will be replaced by a new RV05-type roof. The track infrastructure and drainage system are to be completely overhauled, and an infiltration basin added.  Rail services will continue to operate during the works.


"Geneva 15kV power supply" multi-project

Mulit-Projekt 15kV-Stromversorgung Genf

The Geneva region is enhancing its power infrastructure, because of the expected increased utilization and train service frequency in the coming years. This new power infrastructure is within the scope of the multi-project, called "Geneva 15kV power supply", with the overall project costs of CHF 31'000'000.

Overall, the multi-project covers the provision of a new substation, converter, switching stations, a distribution station and various feed points. All components are linked up by overhead lines and underground cabling.

Stucky won the high-voltage engineering contract for the entire underground cabling package. The present mandate, with the same title as the multi-project, covers the design, analysis and site supervision of the high-voltage cable installations and connections needed for the "Geneva 15kV power supply" project. The cabling route runs across both urban and railroad sites.  Stucky has been involved in this multi-project in the role of high-voltage engineer since 2008.


Stucky signed contract for At-Bashy HPP Rehabilitation Project, Kyrgyzstan

Al Bashi Kirgistan Stucky

Stucky signed the contract with SECO for the At-Bashy Hydro Power Plant Rehabilitation Project in Kyrgyzstan. The main objectives of the project are the social-economic development of the Naryn region, by ensuring reliable and sustainable generation, and supply of electricity to the population and business community.
The scope is divided in two main components:

  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of the HPP, including all electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical equipment, as well as the necessary civil works and powerhouse auxiliary equip-ment; and
  • Corporate governance data system, to provide the key figures to support planning and deci-sions on HPP-management level.

This multidisciplinary project will require the participation of several experts from Stucky Ltd and Stucky Balkans d.o.o..



MAILING. 26 - Interview with Prof. Dr. Arno Schlüter, ETH Zurich


How can innovative development in the construction industry be promoted in a needs-compliant way? The article on the NEST project and interview with Prof. Arno Schlüter of ETH Zurich, will tell you more about the modular research and technology transfer platform. Projects chosen from all our areas of competency in Switzerland and abroad provide an informative overview of our range of services. In an "Opinion" article, Flavio Casanova, CEO of the Gruner Group, takes a critical look at the question of whether public procurement is jeopardizing Swiss design engineering culture.


Building services and energy systems for the Grosspeter Tower

The ground-breaking ceremony for the Grosspeter Tower took place on November 10, 2014 in Basel. The centrally located building complex will house commercial, office and hotel units. Gruner Gruneko AG was commissioned to plan the building services and energy systems. The energy concept is based on the use of geothermal probes to heat and cool the building.

To increase planning reliability and reduce the costs of building complex heating and cooling systems that use geothermal probes or groundwater, we have developed a practical method of coupling building, system, probe and groundwater flow simulations. This enables us to model the entire building and subsoil and view them as a whole in project development activities.

Gruner engineers specializing in building services, energy systems, hydrogeology and simulation are working closely together to plan the downhole heat exchanger arrays.


Combined heat and power plant flown in by helicopter.

In 2001, Gruner Gruneko AG was general planner for the renovation of the energy unit atthe "Wiesengarten" site in the Kleinhüningen district of Basel.

This year, the combined heat and power plant (CHP) was due for renovation.
The energy unit consists of an electric heat pump that uses ground water as its energy source, a gas-fired CHP, a gas-fired peak-load boiler and an oil-fired emergency boiler.

The CHP was flown in by helicopter on October 14, 2014, making a spectacular sight for passers-by. The video shows the exciting air-borne trip to the basement from the CHP's perspective.


Muttsee Dam, the last m³ concrete has been placed

At a ceremony on October 8th 2014 the last m³ concrete has been placed on the Muttsee Dam. Another dam designed by Stucky will soon start operation.

The Muttsee Dam, located at an elevation of 2'450 m a.s.l. will form the upper reservoir of the new 1'000 MW pumped storage plant Linthal 2015.

The Muttsee Dam has a length of 1'025 m, and is thus the longest dam in Switzerland. It consists of 68 mostly 15 m wide blocks. After the installation phase during the first two seasons 2010 and 2011, the main blocks of the dam were casted throughout three seasons between 2012 and 2014. Grouting and finishing works will continue in 2015. Another challenge besides the high altitude was the transportation of all mate-rial to the construction site via two cable cars and a tunnel.


Calibrated smoke tests in interior spaces

Real-time smoke tests can be used to investigate the efficacy of existing or new smoke evacuation systems and thereby guarantee that the goal of protecting people is achieved. We work with a patented mobile test system that was developed in compliance with GFPA guidelines and VDI (Association of German Engineers) Standard 6019. This system allows the scaled modeling of variously sized fire scenarios. Tests can be carried out in completed interior spaces without components or fittings being affected by critically high temperatures.

The video can be found here.


Gruner at the Stuttgarter Brandschutztage

The ninth Stuttgarter Brandschutztage (fire protection fair) will be taking place at the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart on November 25 and 26, 2014. The Gruner Group will be among the exhibitors. One of the organizers of this information event is the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers. Architects, engineers, authorities, planners and companies will be meeting in Stuttgart to find out more about current issues from the world of fire protection and to share views and information.

In addition, Florent Lushta, Head of the Fire Protection, Engineering Methods Department at Gruner Ltd, will be giving a presentation on "Fire protection solutions adopted during the conversion of an industrial building into an education and arts center".

We look forward to seeing you at our information booth.


Gruneko AG receives recognition

Landesbaupreis Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2014

The Friedrich-Löffler-Institut on the island of Riems (Germany) is one of the five most modern animal disease research institutes in the world – not least because of its new laboratory and stable buildings, which comply with the highest safety standards. For its specialist planning work in the area of building services, Gruneko AG has been awarded the Landesbaupreis Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2014.

Research into highly dangerous viruses possible
In conjunction with BLS Energieplan GmbH, Gruneko AG planned the building services for the laboratories (24,000 m2) and stables (43,000 m2). The new buildings were successfully completed in 2011. One highly demanding aspect was to observe the special biosafety requirements in order to protect the environment, employees and products. As the new laboratories meet the highest safety standard, BSL 4 (Biosafety Level 4), it is now possible to conduct research into highly dangerous viruses.


Top places in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

Gruner sponsored successful Swiss team.

Sustainability and maximum comfort for the world of tomorrow: With its innovative "smart sharing" architectural and building services concept, the team from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts took first place in the "Comfort Conditions" category of the international competition for students in the area of sustainable construction. The successful concept took fifth place in the overall ranking.
As a sponsor and supporter of the Lucerne team, the Gruner Group is delighted at these top places. We would like to thank the up-and-coming architects and engineers for their dedication.


Stucky Ltd opens new office in Bangkok

Southeast Asia is one of the key markets for hydropower projects. To give it a local base from which to cultivate this market, Group company Stucky Ltd now has a representation office in Bangkok. The office is headed by Pascal Le Neel, who is already managing two high-profile hydropower projects for Stucky in Myanmar. His many years of experience in the Asian market and excellent network of contacts will enable the Gruner Group to further strengthen its position in the southeast Asian hydropower market.


Gruner launches Building Climate Control App

Gruner's building services specialists have developed a new app. The innovative app allows users to quickly assess thermal room comfort by simply changing room features using the touchscreen. Weather data, facade glazing percentage, blinds and many more features can easily be changed. With the Building Climate Control App (Raumklima App) users can quickly visualize the thermal room comfort and support their planning decisions. Gruner Climate Control App (Raumklima App) is available for free download at the AppStore and at


Gruner becomes a Top 100 employer

Top 100 employer

Each year, Universum, a leading employer branding consultancy, carries out a comprehensive survey of students to identify Switzerland's most popular employers. The Gruner Group was voted into the top 100 ranking for the first time in 2013. Since then, we have retained a place in the list of Switzerland's top employers. We are very proud of this accolade because we attach particular importance to nurturing young talent. A big thank you to all the students who voted for us in the survey.